Aberdeen International Airport

Agency: KMP Digitata

The Challenge

The brief was to deliver a responsive website built on Umbraco with the exact same functionality as was available on the previous platform. For the second phase KMP Digitata added some new high priority functionality. Aberdeen wanted to give their users the option to receive email updates on their flight status. The new site was completely redesigned to enhance the look and feel of the website, introducing a new layout which focused on key routes. One of the main objectives was to engage users coming to the Aberdeen Airport’s website. Setting out to achieve the best experience a mobile-optimised search and navigation feature was added providing tailored information to each and every visitor.

Aberdeen International Airport homepage

The Strategy

Part of the strategy included a complete redesigned website for Aberdeen International Airport, built on a new open source content management system, and offering the latest innovative functionality and an entirely unique and tailored user experience for travellers.

The primary target audience are commercial and leisure travellers flying out of and inter Aberdeen International Airport.

Having worked with a number of airports for many years, KMP understand that there is normally a significant gap between the aims of the requirements of the user and the objectives of the airport. Most users go onto an airport website only to check the details and status of their flight. The airport wants to sell products such as parking and lounges and also collect information about their travellers, as data is hard to come by. The airlines normally hold all the data with airports having very little sight of the customer.

KMP’s strategic approach was to close this gap by using the information that travellers were willing to share (namely flight number), to provide them with contextually relevant messages and useful tools that increase engagement. The site goal is to allow the user to feel as though the site is built just for them, with personalisation reducing the need of the business or leisure traveller to work to find what they need. The end solution resulted in an eye-catching, fully responsive website that ensures functionality persists across all mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.


KMP worked closely with Aberdeen to ensure insight and innovation was incorporated to really push the boundaries of what the site can do.  Delivering a unique experience for passengers provided innovative functionality to enhance the overall airport experience. The site is built with HTML5 and on an open source CMS – Umbraco version 6, the popular .NET CMS which combines a fully-featured solution with a large amount of flexibility.

Umbraco, the new open source content management system and modular, component based design with content manageable forms and components allows content editors at Aberdeen Airport to easily create varying templates based on underlying content modules. The new mega menu style navigation offers users a cleaner, less cluttered and easier to navigate experience; and allows Aberdeen Airport to bring their most important content to the forefront, guiding users to key touch points. The new destination map and guides effectively communicate and promote the range of destinations travellers can fly to/from.

Research & Background

KMP started by gaining a deep understanding of the client, from their brand to their customers, the project and its goals. Following a series of discovery workshops with the project stakeholders, customer interviews, and analytics analysis KMP defined a vision for the site and understanding of who they were talking to and what their thought processes and emotions were when looking for travel to/from Aberdeen International Airport.

Aberdeen International Airport was opened in 1934 and is now owned and operated by AGS Airports Limited, following a transition away from Heathrow Airport (BAA) in 2014. An average of 3.5 million passengers travel to/from the airport each year and this is predicted to increase with the recent launch of the new website and the £13 million terminal redevelopment project which is in progress and set to be completed by 2017.

Aberdeen International Airport is best known for being the gateway to Europe’s energy capital, serving more than three million travellers a year. It is the world’s busiest commercial heliport, transporting more than 500,000 passengers in support of the North Sea oil and gas industry.

Aberdeen wanted to introduce an enhanced colour scheme and a new layout which focuses on the airport’s red routes. They wished to maintain all their site’s existing functionality but also introduce a number of new features, including a mega menu style navigation, a destination map and destination guides, dedicated pages for retailers, personalisation on certain pages across the site and new My Flight, flight pinning and tracking functionality.

The Results

The end result revealed a bold fresh look and an enhanced digital experience for its visitors. Using advanced geo-location technology, the website is designed to provide a personalised service. The site presents a more engaging user experience with superior and mobile-optimised search and navigation, and the capability of providing tailored information to each and every visitor.

For those accessing the site via their smartphone, users can enjoy a streamlined, easy-to-use experience optimised for their device, which allows users to keep up to date with their flight information on the move. The new site builds on the improvements made in 2014 which are already enjoyed by over 100,000 visitors each month, with over 1.2million people visiting the site in 2014 alone.

  • When compared to the previous period, traffic to the website has increase by 8 per cent, new users by 5 per cent, page views by 29 per cent and time spent on the website by 16 per cent
  • When compared to the same week last year, page views are up by 11 per cent, time spent on the website by 56 per cent and the bounce rate has decreased by 26 per cent

The final site has already been met with universally positive feedback, internally and externally – see just a few examples below: – Jason Stewart, the airport’s E-Commerce Manager

  • “Great work with the website!” – Gary Fozzard, UK & Ireland Marketing Manager, British Airways
  • “It’s great! I love the route information; it’s easily navigable, clear and concise” – Seona Shand, Membership Network Manager, Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce
  • “Looks tidy, nice work! Very user friendly.” – Craig Lawson, Business Development Director, Scottish Television (STV)
  • “Amazing website!” – Graeme Fyvie, Strategic Operations Manager, Reed & Mckay (Business Travel Management)