Japan Centre

Agency: Emarsys

Emarsys Marketing Automation Software enabled Japan Centre to develop deep, data-driven customer insights that transformed its engagement strategies along the entire customer lifecycle and boosted loyalty.

The Challenge

Unlock Customer Insights

To get a better understanding of its customers, Japan Centre needed a way to create customer personas by cross-referencing customer lifecycle information with product affinities.
The marketing team also needed to know when to engage customers, and needed the technology to connect these two variables to execute timely and effective retargeting campaigns.

Tailor The Strategy

The Japan Centre marketing team wanted the lifecycle marketing strategy to cater to specific business needs, ensuring that the new technology produced the maximum impact.

Automate Campaign Management

Japan Centre wanted to move away from unnecessary manual work and needed the ability to effortlessly create, automate, test, and optimize campaign content at scale.

The Solution

Full Customer Profile Overviews

Emarsys enabled Japan Centre to defragment and unify all of its customer data across all different online and offline touchpoints, through data science and advanced machine learning that enabled a deep understanding of every single customer.

Strategic Pre-Flight Optimization

Emarsys developed Japan Centre’s strategies to maximize impact and conversions. Long-term projects were then implemented to further develop holistic lifecycle marketing strategies that combined multi-channel execution with their new deep data insights.

Valuable Campaign Automation

Japan Centre applied smart targeting and powerful execution across the whole customer lifecycle, with automated programs that dramatically reduced the need for manual input.

The Results

Emarsys technology helped transform Japan Centre’s database into an actionable source that fuels intelligent marketing automation along the entire customer lifecycle. The retailer saw a 15 per cent revenue uplift from post-purchase programs, a 51 per cent increase in defecting customer conversion rates, and there was an overall 40 per cent increase in total revenue from the previous year.