Indianapolis Colts

Agency: Exclaimer


Indianapolis Colts, also known as the Colts, is an American Football team that competes in the National Football League (NFL), the highest professional level of American Football in the world. Branding for any NFL team is a huge part of its identity; the Colts is a team that takes pride in its blue and white colors, as well as its lucky horseshoe logo. The Colts’ brand is internationally recognized, which makes it essential for its branding to be consistent across the board, including on corporate email communications.

Although a branded email signature was already in place at the Colts office, it had to be implemented manually. This meant that end users would have to manually update their own signatures with the latest logo or campaign banner, causing brand inconsistencies across employee signatures. Furthermore, this manual implementation of campaign banners and logos made it difficult to run promotional banner advertisements.

At the time, the Colts’ IT department was in the process of migrating from on-premises Exchange to Microsoft 365. This meant that they needed to implement Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.


Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud not only assisted with the initial setup through both remote and hybrid sessions, but their design team also rebuilt the Colts’ signature designs. They were able to seamlessly replicate all email signature templates, which then led to company-wide implementation following successful tests.


Exclaimer has created consistent, branded email signatures for all staff, as well as giving them the ability to run dedicated marketing campaigns for different departments. “Exclaimer’s solution has been flawless; the whole organization now has consistent, branded email signatures,” concludes Mr Fannin, Director of Football Information Systems. “Exclaimer has bent over backwards for us – the support is fantastic. I highly recommend their solutions.”