Agency: Artios


In a strategy to increase website traffic, easyProperty needed help to assess its existing search performance, understand the competitive landscape, then implement SEO changes that would deliver a tangible impact.

In addition, the company would need to secure internal buy-in for any technical recommendations – a process that would depend on a clear prediction of the potential outcomes.

easyProperty engaged Artios to spearhead the process, using a data-driven methodology to identify keywords and predict the website changes that would yield the biggest impact on search performance.


Artios began by analysing paid search data to find a range of priority keywords. This was accompanied by exploratory data analysis (EDA), where data was visualised to identify numerous trends and patterns. Through this process, Artios was able to find UK geographic areas that should be prioritised and understand how those regions interacted with the existing easyProperty website. What’s more, EDA was used to find out which types of content users favoured along their search journeys.

As well as keywords and content, the site’s overall architecture needed attention. Artios analysed website analytics to understand which pages held most value for users and, in turn, where PageRank should be focused. Then, by making some pages unavailable to users and search engines, the website’s overall PageRank could be ‘spent’ where it was most effective – and where it would really make a difference in search.

Finally, Artios examined the wider competitive landscape. Over 90 hypothesis tests were used to measure the potential impact of a range of changes on the easyProperty website, comparing the company’s SEO and performance to a high volume of keyword competitors. As a result of these tests, Artios could collate a list of changes that were mathematically-proven to predict better search performance. In addition, artificial intelligence was used to find potential websites for media outreach and key influencers for social media.


Initially, the results of the competitive analysis could be used for short-term SEO gain. easyProperty could implement a series of changes quickly and easily, with confidence that they were likely to deliver value.

Beyond these initial recommendations, Artios delivered a comprehensive data-driven content marketing strategy. This included a vast bank of information, including guidance on the type of content that would please visitors and search engines alike.

What’s more, Artios’ technical analysis could be used to make informed changes to:

  • URL syntax
  • Headings and heading tags
  • Content tagging
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Site architecture

Together, these changes would form the foundation of a more informed, intelligent approach to SEO based on a statistically-proven content strategy.


Armed with the content strategy from Artios, easyProperty could secure stakeholder buy-in for an in-depth content marketing campaign. The company was also able to implement SEO processes that would ensure best practice for all content added in the future.

After implementation, the easyProperty website enjoyed a 110% increase in traffic from search engines that did not use branded keywords.

“Artios helped us identify opportunities to unlock the potential of our website and increase our average rankings for our targeted keywords. Their statistical approach helped us win internal support to put the SEO initiatives into action. I like working with Artios because they are open-minded, approachable, and work very hard to help us achieve our objectives.” – Sam Cowen, Head of Performance Marketing at easyProperty.


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