ClinkClink Ltd

Agency: Workbooks Online

ClinkClink Ltd is a leading events management company that specialises in the delivery of live events, brand experiences and event bars.

Established in 1998, the company initially focused on event bars but it has now evolved to provide a wide range of specialist services including award ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, roadshows and product launches.

The Challenge

Reducing Silos Of Information

At ClinkClink Ltd, there are a number of business processes that underpin each event that they manage; lead and opportunity conversion, customer quotations and orders, and accurate job costing to ensure profitability of the work.

Initially, the staff at ClinkClink Ltd were using spreadsheets to manage and monitor these processes. Job folders were stored on the company servers containing all the information relating to a particular job.

These folders contained separate engineered spreadsheets for customer quotes, customer orders and supplier orders. In addition, a separate spreadsheet on the server was used to log ‘Profit & Loss’ and all contacts were stored in Outlook.

“This system caused a number of problems for us. It resulted in data replication from spreadsheet-to-spreadsheet and inaccuracy as human error led to incorrect figures being created. In addition, using a network of folders and spreadsheets made it difficult to search, reference or link data, and using Outlook as a means of storing company contacts proved to be unorganised, and again, not easily searchable. Overall the system was over-complicated and inefficient.” – Gary Jordan, Operations Manager at ClinkClink Ltd 

The Strategy

Adopting CRM

ClinkClink Ltd conducted a detailed search of many CRM systems and found Workbooks via a Google search.

“We had a very specific list of CRM requirements. We were looking for a system that would centralise our data, enable us to easily view and monitor ourpipeline and facilitate accurate cashflow forecasting. It was also important that the solution included an Outlook and Sage Integration so we could pull data from our accounting and email systems into our CRM system. And finally, we wanted a system that enabled marketing campaign management, asset management and supported a product database. Workbooks ticked all the boxes. Having a cloud-based product wasn’t initially important to us and hadn’t crossed our minds until we first spoke to the Workbooks team. However, we were drawn to the fact that it would make the system more accessible and it removed the stress of being responsible for in house IT upkeep and upgrades.”– Gary Jordan, Operations Manager at ClinkClink Ltd

Implementation And  Training

ClinkClink Ltd’s Operations Manager, Gary, attended a training course and afterwards he was able to work alongside the Workbooks implementation team to customise Workbooks to meet their individual needs.

“The training was informal and at a good pace so I was able to draw all of the relevant information from it. Implementation was easy due to myself and the technicians working together to personalise the Workbooks system to suit our company,” says Gary.

The Results

ClinkClink Ltd is now using Workbooks as a central database for all of their contacts and it has helped connect a previously disjointed experience.

Workbooks acts as a tool to enable staff to work through the sales process more efficiently, from the initial sales lead, through to the job opportunity, the quotation, customer order, supplier orders and the final invoice.

“Having a centralised system that contains all of this information has allowed us to create reports for Profit & Loss and overview purposes. It also allows staff to easily access job information from one place, saving time searching through emails and job folders, and making job processes more streamlined.”– Gary Jordan, Operations Manager at ClinkClink Ltd