Agency: Genie Goals

Genie Shopping And CSS Success

This is how market leading retailer and the Genie Shopping Network worked together to take advantage of a new opportunity in the Google Shopping space, with staggering results.


In 2017 Google incurred a massive fine from the European Commission due to anti-competitive practices with Google Shopping. The results were twofold:

  1. Comparison Shopping Networks (CSSs) were, for the first time, allowed to place their own ads as Google Shopping results.
  2. Google started running Shopping at a profit, taking a margin of spend (believed to be around 20 per cent). This meant that, when routing spend through Google Shopping directly, around 80p in the pound went to the bid. However, CSSs such as Genie Shopping didn’t have to charge a margin; so, when you bid £1 the full £1 went into bidding. A Market Leader Ready To Move Fast

AO is a leader in the electronic goods industry. Founded in 2000, the company has grown aggressively and is now listed on the London Stock Exchange, driving an estimated £600m in revenue in 2016.

Importantly for GSN, was willing to be a leader in taking advantage of this CSS opportunity, despite it being a new and uncertain landscape. But the reward was an incredible opportunity for to save 20 per cent of its paid search spend.


Genie Goals made this work through the Genie Shopping Network (GSN), which powers the comparison-shopping services Crowdstorm and Cafe La Moda: with Crowdstorm being one of the first CSSs given the green light to bid on Shopping ads when Google opened them up.

Through GSN,’s ads would appear in the same way as they always had in Google Shopping; except instead of saying ‘By Google’ at the bottom of each ad, it would say ‘By Crowdstorm’.


Aims And Implementation: Quick Changes And A Bold Hypothesis

The changes were big and fast-moving, so predictions were hard to make. However, this provided the perfect opportunity to do what Genie does best – make a bold hypothesis and test it. Success would be judged by:

  • Sales in excess of’s Google Shopping sales
  •’s ‘cost per sale’ not being driven up
  •’s category share increasing overall
  • Genie Shopping driving quality customers.

Contact between GSN and was constant, with both trying to navigate the rapidly developing terrain. While the changes were exciting they also required close attention, solid reporting and strategic thinking.


Placing Google Shopping ads through GSN saw incredible results:

  1. Sales would be additional to’s existing Google Shopping sales
  2.’s existing Google Shopping CPCs would not increase
  3.’s category impression share and sales would increase overall
  4. Genie Shopping would drive quality customers to

The results from January to May 2018 were extremely positive, showing the CSS CPA service provides additional sales without competing against a retailer’s own Google Shopping campaigns.

  1. Sales were additional and revenue generated by Genie Shopping from Shopping Ads increased 263 per cent
  2.’s existing Google Shopping CPCs did not increase
  3.’s category impression share grew over the period and, when adding the impression share generated by Genie, grew significantly overall
  4. The customers Genie Shopping drove to over-indexed in the ‘wealthy’, ‘Older well off’ and ‘Younger mid affluence’ profile groups.

The results proved our hypothesis to be correct: sales and impression share were successfully increased without negatively impacting AO’s original Google Shopping PLAs. GSN demonstrated the potential of running Shopping ads through a CSS, which allowed GSN to push the bids without having to take some of the investment as margin.

“Working with a great brand such as proved a perfect test case for our CSS CPA service. By maintaining a close dialogue throughout we were able to show how Genie Shopping Network drives additional and significant sales volume without competing with a retailer’s own Google Shopping activity.” Jo Underhill, Head of the CSS project at GSN

  For more information on getting set up on the Genie Shopping Network CSS, get in touch with the Genie Goals team.