July 22, 2015

Westway Trust

Westway Trust is a charity and social enterprise that redevelops land for the local community. CTI Digital were enlisted to help them design and build a content-driven platform to reflect their values. CTI Digital discuss the work

The Brief

We were tasked with redesigning Westway’s website, with the aim of creating an intuitive and user-friendly community service offering. The website needed to provide an interactive experience and engage with Westway’s varied target audiences by conveying information in a variety of formats.

Westway also required the website to integrate with their booking system. An open source content management system was also a priority, as well as ensuring that the end design effectively integrated their new brand identity.

Westway Trust is a registered charity and, established in 1971, was one of the first social enterprises in the UK to regenerate and develop land that had been left derelict by the construction of the A40 flyover, London, in order to benefit the local community.

Our Process

The site was built using the latest version of Drupal, with a fully responsive design to enable it to dynamically resize and reorient to fit all mobile and tablet devices. This meant that the site would be accessible to those with even the least capable mobile devices.

Using a single code base and single CMS database, we handled the five Westway sub-brands—Sports & Fitness, Learning, Presents, Space and Futures—by having five subdomains. The domain access module was employed to allow brand-specific content to be published from one central location, which would then only be accessible on a single subdomain.

An area for members was also created, to allow users to customise the layout of their main landing pages using various pre-created widgets and also to prioritise the areas which they use most frequently. As well as this, it provided the ability to sign up to events and book gym classes. Accessibility was also catered for with a language selector and a custom search solution, offering users a single point to search across all the sites, with results collated together.

Our creative team worked within the brand’s guidelines, supplied by Westway, to ensure that the final design would visually distinguish the five core business areas whilst maintaining a unified appearance throughout. Unique and aspirational imagery was given priority throughout the site to reflect the vibrant opportunities offered to the local community by the Westway project.


“As one of the UK’s largest social enterprises, we needed a website that truly reflected our commitment to serving our community. CTI Digital has provided us with an effective solution, which has simplified and unified our operations with a user friendly and easy-to-navigate website, whilst their on-going support is helping us to ensure that we truly get the most out of our digital platform.” Chris Humphries, Marketing Director at Westway.