March 12, 2015


Oxfam used Adestra’s MessageFocus to ensure that emails from Oxfam shops were as strong as their other email campaigns.

The Challenge

As part of a project to redevelop the website, Oxfam wished to send transactional emails (order confirmations, registration emails etc) from their online shop through Adestra’s MessageFocus. This was so that emails from Oxfam shops would benefit from the same deliverability and reporting as their other email campaigns — providing a single, holistic view of all their supporter email communication.

The key requirement was the seamless integration of MessageFocus and the Oxfam online shop, to ensure the customer would not receive any service interruption from Oxfam. New integration needed to be live at the same time as the launch of the new Oxfam shop.

The Strategy

Using the MessageFocus transactional application program interface, Oxfam were able to trigger real-time personalised emails to individuals, as required, for shop registrations, order confirmations, e-cards and gift lists.

Working closely with the Oxfam team as well as developers for the Oxfam shop website, Adestra project managers guided the project smoothly from start to finish. The project included:

Building best practice transactional email templates that portrayed the Oxfam brand.

Providing sample API codes and examples for the Oxfam development team.

Helping with end-to-end testing and troubleshooting for API calls.

Project managing the development and testing process, ensuring all parts of the integration worked smoothly.

The Results

When the new Oxfam online shop was launched, all transactional emails were sent through MessageFocus. This was achieved using seamless integration between the online shop platform and MessageFocus, using the MessageFocus transactional API. This means that all emails sent by the Oxfam shop benefit from the strong deliverability reputation of MessageFocus. It also means that Oxfam marketers have the flexibility to control the design of the emails within MessageFocus, and benefit from the results and statistics from the MessageFocus reporting suite. This allows them to continually improve their transactional emails.