January 19, 2018


Curated Digital’s Multichannel Approach Increases KeraStraight’s Organic Rankings

KeraStraight innovates and produces high-end repairing hair treatments and products. Launching in 2009, KeraStraight had worked with a number of different agencies to boost their digital presence. Whilst they had gained some digital traction, their visibility and sales were flat. Curated Digital was tasked with improving their organic SEO and brand visibility, with the view to drive sales.

The Challenge

With KeraStraight asking for three separate but equally important achievements, Curated took a multichannel approach. KeraStraight had made changes to their website, but they hadn’t completed any work to increase keyword specific rankings. With their website not being optimised, and a severe lack of content for key terms that would increase organic rankings as well as visibility, there was certainly a lot of opportunities.

Curated looked at the brief from all angles, giving advice on how to capture consumers at each different stage of the sales funnel – reach, nurture, and convert. They wanted to strip KeraStraight back – looking at each different touchpoint and how it could be adapted to improve organic SEO, brand visibility and eventually drive sales.

The Strategy

Curated’s first priority with KeraStraight was putting a user experience and content strategy into place. This would provide structure to the content being produced, a larger volume of high-quality content, and a clearer sense of direction for the user through to conversion. This was informed by keyword research, ensuring that key terms were being used consistently within content.

But before any of this groundwork got underway, they joined the team for a full day of styling three shows, collecting comments, and behind the scenes information that they could use for content. Over the next three weeks, this content was used to create a mini-site which hosted exclusive day-in-the-life and how-to articles, as well as full show coverage.

Following the completion of this project, Curated then moved on to work on KeraStraight’s blog. Assessing the overall structure, they gave recommendations for a redesign and editorial style categories that would be released each month. This ensured that a variety of different content was being uploaded – some for the purpose of attuning to keywords, others to give readers more insight into the brand.

The editorial content was also supported with technical SEO: fixing metadata, header tags and URL structure as well as writing strategic copy to direct users around the site, such as on the homepage to welcome the user and push them towards the next step.

The Results

Since they started working with KeraStraight in January 2017, Curated has delivered great results. Key highlights include:

  • Organic traffic increased by 60 per cent, which included improved rankings on non-branded terms as well as a dramatic increase in brand too
  • Organic sales increased by 180 per cent
  • Organic revenue increased by 300 per cent
  • Blog engagement also increased by 58 per cent, showing that the new content was being well received by visitors. This led to assisted sales too.

This was all supported by the work of the paid search team who launched PPC and shopping campaigns for the first time leading to new product sales, and assisting branded sales via other channels.

Overall, the integrated strategy was a success, showing the role content has in the user’s journey: a tool to increase brand awareness and as a result, drive sales.