September 14, 2017

Happy Beds

Happy Beds is an ecommerce company that specialises in the sale of a range of bedroom furniture, including beds, mattresses and cots.

The Challenge

Having struggled to see SEO results during their time with a web development agency, Liberty was recommended in order improve their online presence.

The Solution

Liberty conducted in-depth initial research and analysis into both the Happy Beds website and the search marketplace in which they operate, in order to come up with a long term SEO strategy that would result in a dramatic improvement in organic visibility.

This involved in depth technical auditing, keyword research, user journey mapping and marketplace analysis, with the aim of fully optimising the site for SEO and creating a robust content and social strategy. Liberty created engaging SEO content for the website and quickly saw the positive effect the SEO strategy was having on Happy Bed’s business goals.

Following this, Liberty developed a content centric organic strategy that would render long term organic success. They have also worked closely with Happy Beds and their web agency Elevate, to launch a new website to improve sales even further.

The Results

  • 323 per cent increase in organic traffic
  • 360 per cent increase in organic transactions
  • 418 per cent in organic revenue

“Liberty’s positivity and commitment alongside the strong results achieved through their intense efforts has allowed Happy Beds’ digital presence to flourish. We are thoroughly impressed with Liberty, from their prompt and professional communication to their creative and collaborative spirit!” Rex, Director at Happy Beds