January 20, 2020

Fed by Abel & Cole: Organic interfaces delivered quickly by Cogworks

Getting London fed

A quick and effective eCommerce platform developed, designed and built by Cogworks live before your daily dose of sustenance arrives.

In a fast-moving project with sustainability at its core, we worked in collaboration to make Fed’s organic office concept a reality.

Tasty design

Fed’s organic goodness brings people together, and that’s the approach Cogworks took when designing their user interface. Working in partnership with external teams and applying Fed’s existing branding and wireframes, Cogworks created a 100 per cent friendly interface that gets you fed.

The custom dashboard processes order information intuitively – by week, regularity and order status – so Fed’s team can focus on getting delicious food and drinks across the city.

Delivered quickly

Cogworks’ developers worked with Fed to produce a made-to-order experience based on Umbraco that ultimately could be handed back to them, with technical features in place that would always deliver.

The Fed Web App doesn’t just deliver organic goodness to offices across the city, it provides an on-brand and sustainable product ideal for getting Abel & Cole’s growing venture off the ground.