July 25, 2016

This Week in Digital – July 22nd 2016

A lot can happen in a week. In the last seven days, Pokemon Go has taken over the world and Britain has seen what appears to be one of the shortest heatwaves in history. So, what’s the latest news from the digital marketing industry? Let’s find out:

Google AdWords to Introduce Imported Call Conversions

According to Google, mobile phone calls to businesses are on the rise. The search giant predicts this will increase by 73% between 2015 and 2019. So, in order to track all conversions in one set of data, it is introducing imported call conversions.

With new abilities to measure call length and calls from ad clicks, these new data collection options will help advertisers measure revenue more accurately.

To learn how to import your call conversion data into your AdWords campaigns, take a look at this guide.

Facebook Changes Restrictions on Its Live Audiences

This week, Facebook has added options to some of its broadcasters accounts to allow them to restrict who can watch their live broadcasts. This little-publicised change means that, despite the default settings allowing anyone to watch, new filters can restrict content according to aspects such as age, location and gender.

Available through the application programming interface, restrictions as tight as cities and postcodes, or as broad as countries, are available. Whereas age can be defined using a minimum and maximum scale of anyone between 13 and 111 years old.

97% of People Check Their Phones Within 3 Hours of Waking Each Morning

According to new research from Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey, most people check their phones within the same general time frame. 24% of people in emerging markets check their phone immediately waking after slumber, and 11% do the same in developed counterparts.

As time goes on, the percentage that turn to their phone increases. Nearly half (49%) of people in emerging markets look at their phones within 5 minutes of waking, and almost every 49,500 of the internet users surveyed said they did so within 3+ hours.

phone usage
However long it takes, all users said that they checked for messages, emails and their social media before doing anything else.

Facebook Has Updated App-Install Ads to Reveal Audiences

The latest news from social media network Facebook is that it has updated its app-install ads to allow developers to target specific audiences in the hope of increased engagement and conversion figures.

Facebook Product Manager, Jehan Damji, claims that just 6% of people still use an app 30 days after installing it. This new system will provide options for targeting mass appeal or, more specifically, those who are most likely to continue using the app.

These ads can be run across Facebook, Instagram, and will be available to anyone with access to the Facebook Audience Network.

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