June 23, 2014

Q&A: Gareth Morgan, Managing Director, Liberty Marketing

Gareth Morgan, Managing Director at Liberty Marketing, will be among the keynote speakers at the Figaro Digital Marketing Conference in London on 17 July. 

Hello Gareth. Please give us a quick introduction to what you’ll be discussing at the Figaro Digital Marketing Conference.

It’s called ‘Troubleshooting Your SEO and PPC – 20 Tips to Boost Search Engine ROI’ and it’s all about using the data within various tools to check for issues and find areas for improvement. This info is often tucked away if you don’t know where to look, so I’ll be showing show marketers where it is and what it means.

Why does this matter to marketers right now?

Lots are wasting budget or missing opportunities because they don’t have access to the right data. We’ll take a look at how free software like AdWords, Analytics and WebmasterTools can give real insight into where money is best spent.

We’re impatient! Can we have one key take-away from your presentation?

The button hidden away within AdWords that allows you to see all of the keywords your ads have shown for. This usually contains some real surprises for brands, highlighting what they have actually been spending money on, which is often different to what they thought.

What’s the single biggest issue facing marketers in your sector at the moment?

Figuring out how SEO, content, PR, social media, branding, etc. all come together and who is responsible for each part.

If we provided you with a magic wand that enabled you to make one change to the digital marketing landscape, what would it be?

Google to reverse the (not provided) decision that hides the keywords sending traffic within Analytics.