July 24, 2020

Not-for-Profit: Digital Marketing Spotlight Webinar 23 July 2020

If you read the roundup of our Social & Video Marketing webinar last week, you might remember us ranting about the cliche that is the “new normal”. But for marketers in the not-for-profit sector, maybe there is a “new normal”. In some research published this week by the Institute of Fundraising, 62 per cent of respondents believed that social distancing would have an impact on fundraising, and 53 per cent said that that impact would be long-term.

With physical events such as the London Marathon being cancelled or postponed, not-for-profit organisations are having to rely on their social media to raise the funds. Our lineup of speakers discusses how to engage donors in this way. Read on for a summary of their presentations.

How Veganuary Inspired the Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll

Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications & Marketing at Veganuary, talks about Greggs’ vegan sausage roll, how it became an internet and PR sensation, and how Veganuary inspired it but weren’t directly involved in making it happen.

How to Create a Winning Video Marketing Strategy in the Not-for-Profit Sector

More so than any other sector, charities have to justify that every single penny that they spend delivers results. Video gets talked about a lot as the silver bullet for brands, and it when you get it right, it really does make a difference. Jon Mowat, Managing Director at Hurricane, looks at how to make more effective video communications.

Creativity and Innovation in a Time of COVID-19 to Engage Supporters

Alice More O’Ferrall, Global Head of Digital at WWF International, talks about how they’ve used creativity and innovation to keep their supporters engaged during the global health pandemic.

Driving Membership Engagement Post COVID-19

Ida Vejzagic, Digital Strategist at GRM Digital, discusses how membership organisations are using their technology to drive engagement online, as well as the digital experience platforms they are using to offer more engaging, personalised experiences. She also gives us some key questions to consider when choosing our next digital experience platform, and what membership organisations have done to adapt and thrive amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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