May 6, 2020

Figaro Digital Webinar Series

As the lockdown continues into May, we are pausing our physical events and launching a series of webinars, the first of which will be held on 14 May from 10 a.m. It promises to be a rewarding experience, offering brands the opportunity to connect with agencies and discuss solutions for their digital projects.

The webinar will consist of seven presentations by industry experts on a variety of topics including data, remote workshops, client-agency relationships, and more, plus live Q&As and panel discussions, making for a worthwhile and productive morning. Brands can register here to secure a slot.

Here’s a preview of what to expect from the presentations.

Using Data Analysis to Target Fake News (Gareth Humphreys, Head of Insight, Strategy & Innovation, NHS Blood and Transplant)

In this talk, Gareth explains how mapping data can show the spread of fake news on messaging sites like WhatsApp, and how it can help to target your messages.

Ten Secrets of Virtual Storytelling: How to Give Better Online Presentations (Jeremy Waite, Chief Customer Officer, IBM iX)

COVID-19 has exposed our weaknesses when it comes to giving virtual presentations. Jeremy shares the best advice he’s picked up from around the world on communicating and storytelling to improve your virtual presentation skills. He discusses how to build confidence, bring data to life, tell better stories faster, and connect with your audience.

How to Run Remote Workshops That Make a Difference (Shaun Miller, Digital Stratey & UX Consultant, Codehouse)

Whether it’s to gather data to help inform new products, or to discover what customers really want from your website, there’s never been a better time to run a remote workshop. But it’s easier said than done. Using his many years of experience in running remote workshops that really work, Shaun will talk you through how to structure the workshop, what tools to use for best effect and why, managing different stakeholder types, and how you can book yourself onto a Codehouse workshop to see for yourself.

How to Get More from Your Agency, During or Post COVID-19 (Paul Honey, Managing Director, Strange)

In these uncertain times, better digital performance has never been more critical for many companies. Whilst some are inactive, some are pushing hard to capture market share. Often, better performance hinges on your relationship with your agency. But it’s not always clear what a “good” relationship looks like. What should you expect or demand? After 20 years in digital marketing, we’ve identified the 10 most important aspects of this pivotal relationship to make sure it works for you.

Making Your Zoom Call Video Look More Professional (Jon Mowat, Managing Director, Hurricane)

Jon will explain how to use background, framing, sound, and lighting to make your video conference calls look more professional.

Turbocharge Your Existing Customer Marketing Technology Stack When Rip and Replace is Not an Option (Stuart Russell, Client Services Director, Planning-inc)

The constant change of recent times has highlighted the need for dynamic, agile marketing processes underpinned by a fit-for-purpose tech stack. As budget constraints kick in, and more costly overhauls and platform migrations are being put on the backburner, marketers need to take stock of their existing technical infrastructure, and understand where quick fixes and optimisation can enable and power customer strategies moving forward. To help marketers capture these opportunities, Planning-inc will talk through an evaluation framework to “hack your stack”, offering examples of how brands have tweaked rather than replaced their technology to great effect.

You can view the full agenda for the event here, as well as timings, and other important event information. Register here to secure your slot.