September 26, 2016

Allo Allo Allo: Google Launches its New Messaging Service

By Figaro Digital


Want to ‘say more and do more’? Then Google’s new smart messaging app may be for you. From stickers to doodles, emojis to chat, Allo is hoping to take the mobile world by storm, but will it? Here are a few of our thoughts:

So, What’s Allo?

Allo is Google’s version of a secure messaging app, but with a special twist. Allo helps users ‘make plans, find information, and express yourself more easily in chat’ all without needing to leave the conversation. ‘The more you use it, the more it improves over time’ says Google.

Why? Well, Google wants you to stay in-app for longer, so it has improved its user experience to keep users’ needs met and UX of a high-quality.

The app will also present its own version of predictive text which, instead of offering words, will show ‘Smart Replies’ that can be quickly sent at a touch of a button. Google said:

‘For example, it learns if you’re more of a “haha” or “lol” person so the more you use Google Allo, the more “you” the suggestions become.’

What else can you expect from Allo?

• Of course, then there are all the emoji, text and drawing options which we have come to expect from a cutting-edge chat app in 2016.
• Want to change the size of your text? Simply slide up to shout or down to whisper.
• Allo’s stickers are designed by independent artists and studios.



allo alloWhat’s it Like?

Despite its name bringing back fond memories of a beloved BBC sitcom, Allo is a stylish and functional app that will integrate seamlessly with your other Google products; however, its release has been accompanied by some negative press. This is mostly centred on previous released statements about its security.

In this year’s Google IO conference, it was reported that Allo would use end-to-end encryption, however it has now been found that Google stores a record of your message until all parties in the conversation have deleted the chat. That means that the file is saved transiently and that the encryption rule technically isn’t true, though Google has since stated that if you manually turn on Incognito Mode this issue will be resolved.

Give it a Go!

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