Will Content Marketers’ Jobs Soon be Automated?

by Kathryn Terry, Inspiring Interns

The content marketer’s career is a very modern role that could arguably soon become extinct. A content marketer, according to Coppyblogger, “is responsible for the planning, creating, and sharing of valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers.” A content marketer generates frequent and quality content, has a good understanding of SEO and knows social media inside and out.

With technology advancing every single day, is it likely content marketers’ jobs will soon be automated with the help of artificial intelligence?


It’s Already Happening

Content marketing requires a lot of research and a lot of production. It’s a time consuming process that is already being made easier and quicker by automated systems. If content marketing is already leaning towards artificial intelligence, the use of it is only going to increase.

Arm Worldwide claims that “there will be a time when AI will completely take over us and our jobs.” For most it simply seems like the inevitable. Arm Worldwide do explain that, of course, AI is unlikely to steal jobs that require “empathy and understanding.” Jobs such as psychiatrists require human interaction. Technology-based role like content marketing, however, are more at risk to becoming automated.

And It’s Going Pretty Well

Marketing Tech claims “the automated system produces fewer errors” than its human competitor. It’s an undeniably quick system and one that can find popular articles before analysing and replicating their style. Artificial Intelligence could create a world that replaces human workers and, in their place, put more accurate and successful systems. Automated content marketing is looking pretty attractive right now.

It’s A Win-win For Employers

Automated content marketing has the scope to produce thousands of articles a second, while lacking the very human qualities of an employee. Marketing Tech praise the absence of toilet breaks and salary the human content marketer requires. Automated job roles can simply make life a lot easier for employers.


Technology Is Never Perfect

Much like humans, technology does make mistakes. It isn’t a full-proof system and can even produce far more unpredictable mistakes than any human worker. Although the input of AI is desirable in content marketing, it may only ever exist in the field alongside human workers. The human eye should never be undervalued.

AI Lacks The Human Touch

Arm Worldwide argue that automated systems would struggle to take the place of workers in creative fields like content creation. Content marketing requires “logical thinking and creative ideas,” none of which automated systems will sufficiently be able to do. An awful lot can be programmed into an automated system, but a human’s creative process cannot.

No matter how quick and impressive an AI content marketer may be, a content marketer will always need the human touch. A content marketer needs to be living in the real world in order to draw inspiration from what’s around them. Legitimate research requires a human brain. Content marketing also relies on creating relationships between the consumer and the product. DAN explains that it requires “a level of empathy and understanding that, for the time being at least, only human marketers can deliver.”

The Process Of Making Content Marketers Automated Is A Big One

Arm Worldwide explain that generating “great content and ideas which are worth reading as well as consuming is a tough job.” The transition of producing genuinely efficient and good automated systems is probably a time-consuming and redundant job.

Ultimately, human emotion sells. For audiences to connect with content, it requires “human emotion to drive a reaction,” according to iProspect. While AI may play apart in many jobs in the future, including content marketing, human involvement is often a necessity in many technology-based jobs. Artificial Intelligence will only progress in the future, but content marketing will always need human workers.


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