Why You Should Be Using User-Generated Content Marketing

by Figaro Digital

From YouTube reviews and vloggers to product pictures by Instagram influencers, user-generated content marketing is the hot digital marketing topic this year.

Typically, consumer generated content helps immensely with brand trust and recognition. In terms of conversions and time spent on the website, sites that feature a user-generated content platform reported an increase in time spent on the site and a mark-up on conversion rates; in essence, your marketing campaign needs to involve this style of content to facilitate trust and trade.

Below, we list six benefits of utilising user content:

Build Consumer Trust Through User-Generated Content Campaigns

Consumer trust is essential for the long-term health of your business and brand. Sadly, consumers are less likely to trust traditional advertising methods, with Social Media Today revealing that 92 per cent of consumers trust user-generated content more than traditional advertising. User-generated content websites, then, appear as more trustworthy to the average consumer than regular sites, but this leaves a lingering question: why?

When consumers see that a non-employee has contributed content to your site, it propagates trust. Most influencers, bloggers, and reviewers will not positively endorse products they are unhappy with. The long history of being duped by traditional advertising is absent as soon as a business reaches outward, so picking the right influencers and content creators makes your whole business appear believable.

Increased Site Engagement Via Consumer-Generated Content

Engagements and conversions are what really matter. Thankfully, user-generated content websites tick all the boxes here too. In raw figure averages, Volusion estimates that sites which feature consumer-generated content report a 340 per cent increase in time spent onsite, with their conversion rates raising an impressive 74 per cent.

Outside engagement means the possibility of outside writers, who may sit outside your sphere of influence, to come in and contribute. If readers have an invested, personal interest in one of your creators, they will be more likely to share your content on social media. The more engagement, external links and conversions you have, the more that sphere of influence will bloom.

Less Work For Your Content Team

By delegating content to your audience, your content team’s workload will lessen. Long-term, the change will lead to more resource efficiency in content strategy, allowing your team and business to allocate man-hours where they’re most needed.

Running parallel to this will be greater cost-efficiency, especially if your content team is at capacity. Sometimes, it isn’t worth hiring someone new just to alleviate some pressure on your writers, so user-generated content marketing can facilitate wider efficiencies in your business.

Instead of dropping a load of money on a new hire, guest bloggers are happy to write in exchange for less money or, in some cases, publicity alone via a name-drop or backlink. Even if some writers want pay, it’ll be far less than a yearly salary.

Cultivate Your Community And Improve Brand Perception

By providing consistent user-generated content marketing, you’ll be a trusted voice in your industry. Once you’re a figure of prominence, your brand can then be a leading influencer in your industry with the ability to control who comes to your website. With a choice of audience comes the ability to target products and ads more efficiently, which, obviously, is ideal.

As brand notoriety and trust increases, positive perception of your brand will follow suit. Figaro Digital, for example, has become a leading digital marketing magazine with its user-first approach to content, allowing the brand to have total control over its creative direction.

Consumer Content Boosts SEO

An SEO boost is always nice, but it’s also tough to get. User-generated content can be a SEO shot to the arm for your business, which is especially needed thanks to Google’s ever-developing crackdown on blogger outreach. The biggest benefit for digital marketers in blogs is to attain SEO-friendly follower links, which user-generated content marketing has in abundance.

When bloggers contribute content to your site, they’ll often link to it from their own site(s) to maximise their own exposure. This increases the chances of follow links hitting your domain, which is the SEO boost everyone wants.

User-Content Increases Social Outreach

Naturally, user-generated content is more relatable and shareable than ordinary site copy. Plus, relatability facilitates those juicy likes, retweets, and engagements. Therefore user-generated content campaigns have the knock-on effect of re-enforcing your social media too.

These benefits, when taken together, all add up to more site traffic, organic searches, and general respect in your industry. In a world where SEO and content get muddier, user-generated content websites are swimming well for a reason.


Overall, user-generated content is an obvious next step for the majority of brands, with its advantages clear for all facets of business. Whether you want to streamline your content production or increase your reach, user-generated content marketing is the remedy.

For more digital marketing and user-generated content tips, be sure to check out our digital marketing magazine, which compiles all the best from the industry to keep you ahead of the curve.