Whitepaper: Automotive Marketing: How Digital Dealerships Overtake The Competition


Digital marketing agency Kagool have recently released a whitepaper; Automotive Marketing: How digital dealerships overtake the competition- offering a step-by-step guide to some of the current digital challenges the car dealership industry is facing.

Like many industries, automotive has experienced a change in consumer behaviour. Those that choose to embrace the shift in the digital landscape will need to be agile in their strategies whilst putting their customer experience at the forefront in order to see results. After working with some of the UK’s top vehicle retailer groups, Kagool were keen to produce a whitepaper that would better equip marketers and decision makers in the automotive industry, with insights and knowledge of the best techniques being used in digital that can help to drive their businesses forward.

For dealerships, digital transformation can be overwhelming, especially when attempting to maintain a seamless customer journey that doesn’t lose the personal element of customer service. Drawing on a plethora of resources and expertise, Kagool has packaged a 10-step guide to get automotive marketers started.

‘How automotive businesses use digital to deliver excellence throughout their customer journey is imperative to their future success in the ever-changing digital climate. We put together some useful insights and tips in this whitepaper to help get the automotive sector started.’

Craig Johnson, Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, Kagool.