Web Build, UX & Marketing Automation Seminar Round-Up

by Jessica Ramesh

Here at Figaro Digital the year got off to a flying start with our Web Build, UX & Marketing Automation Seminar at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden, on Thursday 22 January 2015. Joining us to discuss everything from ecommerce marketing automation to mobile design and build were experts from Branded3, Green River Media, SomeOne/Else, and K2 Space. Here’s a round-up of what they had to say

Nurturing your Ecommerce Customers with Marketing Automation

“Finding that sweet spot is about your audience, it’s about understanding their buying cycle”  – Steve Shaw, Digital Director at Branded3.

Marketing automation is about taking personalisation a step further and reacting to consumer data in the moment, says Steve at Branded3. It’s about customer engagement, not sales. But in order for marketing automation to be effective, you’ve got to have the correct customer data in place. Create automation plans and understand your customer journey, knowing at exactly what point you want to assist them. Nurture post-sale, and therefore boost SEO through reviews and engagement. Understand the user mindset to enhance reactivation strategies. Rather than trying to get the technology first and diving straight in, just try a few things on a small scale first, then automate those. Ultimately, keep your plans simple and relevant, don’t give up, and keep on testing.

Adapt or Perish: How to Leverage the Power of Mobile

“You need to continually keep moving in order to stay where you are” – Nej Gakenyi, CEO &  Founder at Green River Media.

Sometimes it makes no sense to have an app. Sometimes it makes all the sense in the world. Nej at Green River Media stressed to delegates that implementing a mobile strategy is about finding what’s right for your business and your customers—some things just may not fit. He took delegates through the extensive advantages and disadvantages of “predetermined” mobile adaptive designs, “fluid” mobile responsive designs, native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps. The “mass migration to mobile” is underway, and continual adjustments must be made if your brand wants to be part of it.

Superior Mobile UX for Superior Customers

“It’s all about getting someone to create a new habit” –
Warren Hutchinson, Experience Design Director & Founder at SomeOne/Else.

What is a superior customer? For Warren at SomeOne/Else, it is (1) a paying customer and (2) a customer who adopts your brand and advocates it. How can marketers engage the superior customer? For Warren an emotional connection is key, and it’s this emotional context that brands should hone in on. Superior design is about trying to sustain engagement through an emotional hook, and creating a new habit in your customer. You want to coax them in, though. Offer rewards and acknowledgement for engaging in ‘light’ activity, and increase the value of your service as consumers’ confidence in your brand builds.

Five Steps to Make Your New Website Better

“Do all visitors feel at home on our website?”
– Graham Smith, Marketing Director at K2 Space.

With the abundance of technology at marketers’ fingertips, it’s essential that the simple things aren’t forgotten. Ultimately, your brand’s website (if done correctly) will drive sales enquiries, be visible on Google, enhance your user experience, and support your brand promise. Graham at K2 Space offered delegates five steps to achieving this:

1. Understand the sales context (what does your customer want from your website?)

2. Write a great brief (a really great brief)

3. Be inclusive in terms of both content and language

4. Be helpful (K2 Space have a glossary feature for that extra bit of customer support)

5. Be different (and memorable)

Article by Estelle Hakner