The Way We Search: Seminar Roundup

by Ellen McHale Figaro Digital

Last week we ran our Paid Search and SEO Seminar at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, where delegates were served up an engaging mix of Paid Search and SEO sessions from atom42, Red Hot Penny, Branded3, and Gioco Digitale. We got the chance to chat to a few delegates before the event kicked off, who explained some of their current challenges and what they were looking to gain from the event. Camilla Markham, European Head of Marketing Communication at HTC, commented “I’m here to understand if what we’re doing at the moment stands up to what is spoken about today, the industry’s thoughts on Paid Search and SEO as a channel more widely, and how it works with other channels. I’m also interested to learn more about what other brands are doing in the space”. Emma Edwards, Digital Content Manager at UKTV, said “it was so useful to learn more about the importance of conversational tone in ad copy, and how people will click on something that speaks to them rather than just the ad that appears at the top of the page”. Read on to discover some more key tips and takeaways that delegates took away from the event, and gain fresh perspectives that you can apply to your own strategy.

A Practical Guide To Ad Writing For Business Success

Stacy Westhead, Director at atom42, explains the keys to making your ad copy stand out from competitors. Identifying and including the values or services that make your business unique in your ad copy is essential. Westhead explores the common mistakes advertisers make when writing paid ads, and explains why understanding your users and tapping into their emotions and concerns before writing ad text is essential. How can you improve the performance of your ad, and in what circumstances can you sacrifice quality score? With examples from Care UK and National Accident Helpline, Westhead provides insights into how you can really connect with consumers and ensure your ad stands out amongst a sea of competitors.

Aggression, Efficiency And Budgets: Unravelling Awesome PPC

Russ Powell, Head of Marketing at Red Hot Penny seeks to challenge how marketers are currently using PPC, and offers some alternative ideas to approach in the future. PPC, he explains, is a delicate balancing act between aggression (how many leads you generate) and efficiency (the quality of these leads). The ultimate aim, he explains, is to reduce the maximum number of leads at your agreed performance measure. Powell puts forward a case for Metric Lead PPC, and highlights how this can generate the maximum number of leads at your agreed performance level. Watch the full presentation to hear about this exciting concept in depth, and examples of its success in campaigns for brands such as Lipsy and Megabus.

Second Screen Search

“It is the year of the mobile”. Stephen Kenwright, Strategy Director at Branded3, explains how mobile has changed in the last year, and some of the common misconceptions surrounding the “second screen”. He takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the ways you can improve your mobile site and utilise various tools, such as Google’s micro-moments. About ten per cent of the population browse on the internet via mobile, and 90 per cent of people start a task on one device and complete it on another – these are all important changes in behaviour that marketers must consider. Watch Kenwright’s full session to learn more about how consumer behaviour on mobile has developed, and how you can keep up with its evolution.

Customer, Brand & Performance

How are Gioco Digitale competing in the overcrowded gaming market? Alessandro De Stasio, Head Of Marketing at Gioco Digitale, joined us to explain Gioco Digitale’s success story, and how he used content-led SEO to turn around a declining brand. De Stasio shares his tips for success – why reading, collecting and tracking all data is essential, even from tools that are easily available such as Google analytics and Facebook Insight. By putting the customer at the centre of its ad strategy, Gioco Digtiale was able to create ads with soul, communicating with the customer differently to their competitors. Watch the full video to learn his tips on making your ads stand out from the crowd.

Watch all of the videos from the afternoon’s presentations here!

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