Top Tips From Our Summer Digital Marketing Conference

by Duncan MacRae

Okay, so our digital marketing conference hasn’t actually taken place yet! Due to be held on July 14, 500 senior level marketers will be popping along to explore the latest developments in digital marketing.

And, although it’s still a few weeks away, we’re so excited about it we couldn’t resist chatting to some of the presenters to find out what words of wisdom they plan to pass on to these marketers.

We asked a selection of our speakers what ideas or advice they hope conference attendees will be able to take away with them. Here’s what they had to say:

Carol Strachan, marketing manager, Unified

“The main piece of advice we would like people to take away is that digital development is about trying, testing and sometimes failing. We also believe that creativity and analytical thinking should be a balanced process seeing creative digital marketing concepts become reality with results continually monitored, analysed and more importantly interpreted so that meaningful decisions can be made and the next creative marketing campaign generated.

Katrina McEwan, UK/EMEA marketing manager, Movable Ink

“To be successful, email marketers need to optimise their campaigns in real time, using each recipient’s contextual and behavioural data. Are they on a mobile? What time of day is it? What product categories have they viewed? Context changes in a heartbeat. Market in the moment.”

Franco De Bonis, head of digital solutions, RedHotPenny

“It’s time for SEO to come out of the dark and to be embraced by every person in the company. It isn’t a ‘technique’ or ‘secret formula’ carried out by a group of geeky individuals. Today, SEO is a state of being. When a company realises it and makes it a part of their DNA, that’s when the magic really happens.”

Andy Bolter, creative partner, Yes&Pepper

“Optimism. My talk is a quick-start guide to building useful and game changing ideas internally. The most important take-out is just how essential optimism is in any process. I urge everyone to be open and optimistic first, we should always build and receive thoughts and ideas with genuine enthusiasm. If everyone’s approach was truly ‘yes &’ the world would be a very different place.”

Jenna Tiffany, lead digital marketing strategist, Communicator

“Delegates should leave our presentation feeling inspired and motivated to achieve their best possible email performance, by focusing on the key areas that will drive optimum results and the best possible ROI.”

Agi Kendrick, account director, Chalk Social

“Always take a moment and think back to a pre-digital example and ask if the digital approach would make sense in that setting. If it seems unacceptable in the real world why do we accept it online? Digital space is as personal as physical space and as marketers we need to do better to respect this.”

Laura Britten, senior marketing executive, Search Laboratory

“Content marketing has to have a purpose. Before even deciding what your next content idea will be, you need to decide whether you want to engage your customers, generate brand awareness to a wider audience or get your web pages ranking. Don’t be fooled into thinking that one piece of content can fulfil all three aims. If your aim is to go viral online you need to think about what will engage the largest audience possible, and this may involve stepping outside the brand’s comfort zone. Above all, having a clear purpose will enable you to report more easily on how well the campaign has performed against pre-defined metrics of success.”

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