Digital Marketing Summit: Preview

by Eleanor Pyne Figaro Digital

Our Digital Marketing Summit will take place this Thursday (30 January) at the Emirates Stadium in London. It promises to be a rewarding day, offering brands the opportunity to connect with agencies and discuss solutions for their digital projects. There will be a huge range of attendees, including brands such as The AA, Age UK, American Express, Arsenal Football Club, Aviva, Balenciaga, JustGiving, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Ocado, to name a few.

The day consists of 1-2-1 meetings that run in tandem with speaker presentations on a variety of topics including creative and media, video, client-agency relationships, and more, making for a worthwhile and productive day out of the office. Brands having 1-2-1 meetings can request a ticket by filling out our survey here. Brands wishing to attend the event without meetings can buy a ticket here, and agencies can buy a ticket here.

Here’s a preview of what to expect from the presentations.

Creative and Media Planned Together to Generate Business Impact (Kate Ross, Co-Founder and Managing Director, eight&four)

Anyone who’s ever worked in brand or marketing for more than a handful of campaigns will know the stress that can quickly arise when creative and media teams work in isolation. Kate explains why working together is the way forward.

Knowing Your Customer (Ian Miller, CEO, Crafted)

Understanding your customer is one thing, but how do you use that to drive better marketing? In this talk, Ian will show how brands are using data and insight to deliver moments of delight for their customers. As marketers, Crafted have access to a wealth of information, and Ian will explain how to turn that into your most powerful marketing tool for 2020.

The Neon Future: How Are Digital Team Structures, Practices, and Cultures Evolving? (Stuart Munton, Digital Transformation and Agile Delivery Leader, AND Digital)

In the future, as technology and human behaviour continue to evolve at high speed, digital teams are likely to be structured very differently, with radically different practices and cultures from those we see today. And while no one can predict the future, we can make important predictions from recent trends and the latest data that enable us to plan for tomorrow. This interactive talk is about the types of changes our digital teams are likely to face, drawing on the views of attendees, and comparing them with the results and views of a number of external reference points.

How Customer Insights and Analytics Will Improve Your Marketing Results (Ricardas Montvila, Global Director of Solution Strategy, Mapp Digital)

Many companies base at least half of their regular business decisions on gut-feel rather than data. But this is changing rapidly – brands are looking to spend more on analytics in the next three years. To provide relevant and personalised marketing, companies must focus on insight-led customer engagement. Ric will outline the variety of insights that marketing organisations should have at their disposal and how these should form part of a brand’s marketing performance optimisation strategy.

How to Increase ROI by Reinvesting Your Media Budget into Content (Simon Douglass, CEO, Curated)

There are so many digital advertising platforms to choose from, and a plethora of different techniques to reach new customers, but can your website get the job done and convince them to buy? Simon Douglass explains how Curated’s customer and content methodologies have been built to better engage and nurture new customers, and make your media budget work harder.

Decode Your Customers’ Unconscious Mind for Your Marketing Strategy (Beatrice Andrew, Head of Consumer Neuroscience, LAB Digital)

Blending the understanding of neuroscience and digital, Beatrice explains how marketers can read the minds of customers to give them exactly what they want. She will also discuss how we can decode their deep psychological drivers for a highly relevant digital message and strategy.

How to Get More from Your Agency (Paul Honey, Managing Director, Strange)

Better digital performance has never been more critical, and it often hinges on your relationship with your agency, agencies, or internal teams. But it’s not always clear what a “good” relationship looks like. What should you expect or demand? After 20 years in digital marketing, we’ve identified the 10 most important aspects of this pivotal relationship to make sure it works for you.

It Starts with a Song: Using Content to Connect with Your Audience (Gareth Mellor, Marketing Director, Kobalt Music Group)

Gareth will discuss how Kobalt and its unique alternative to a record label, AWAL, are creating content that has grown the brand whilst connecting its clients with an unlimited and ever-changing audience of music lovers. Gain insight into how the business embodies an agile test-and-learn mindset to content creation, and why considering the needs of your customers’ customer can help invigorate and drive your content strategy.

Lessons Learned in the Digital World (Tom Morgan, Director of Digital, The Spectator)

This fast-paced talk will provide insights into how even the oldest of legacy publishers can grapple with digital and re-invent themselves to become leaders in under a year.

You can view the full agenda for the event here, as well as timings, and other important event information. Brands having 1-2-1 meetings can request a ticket by filling out our survey here. Brands wishing to attend the event without meetings can buy a ticket here, and agencies can buy a ticket here.