The Perfect Fit: How Video Marketing Can Boost Your Online Sales

by Jessica Ramesh Brightcove

What’s the one factor that over three quarters (77 per cent) of British consumers say will encourage them to buy more online? Answer: better use of video and rich media content.

Brightcove discuss how brands can use video marketing to boost online sales with this comprehensive guide

Online shopping is big and getting bigger. It already accounts for 15 per cent of total UK retail sales, while still posting double-digit growth year after year. Given these figures, it’s no surprise that we Brits spend more online than any other country in the world—almost £2,000 a year per person!

Positive as this may be, retail trends are often hard to predict, and the average retailer has a large and varied customer base, making it difficult to know how to attract consumers’ attention, drive engagement and secure more sales. To help with this issue, Brightcove asked 2,000 UK consumers about their online shopping habits and expectations.

The results are eye-opening: although online retailing is a well-established practice, there is a huge opportunity to plug the expectations gap and make your customers even more likely to hit the ‘buy’ button. Our research has discovered that over three-quarters (77 per cent) of consumers say that more ‘real life’ experiences—via video and multimedia content—would encourage them to make a purchase online.

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