The Mobile Imperative


Amaze have released a new whitepaper, ‘The Mobile Imperative – Putting Mobile at the Heart of the Customer Experience’.

The whitepaper highlights how smart businesses can capitalise on the opportunities today’s era of mobile brings. You can preview the four critical steps for ensuring commercial mobile success, laid out in the report, below.

Be Aware

Mobile has become the ‘remote control’ to our lives, influencing how we shop, inform and entertain ourselves and connect with one another. In order to succeed, businesses must understand the changing behaviours and expectations of consumers across their customer bases within the different stages of the purchasing cycle. Understanding the consumer mindset is key.

Be Optimal

As the power of mobile ‘influence’ has quickly overtaken that of mobile ‘selling’, businesses must ensure that they have the right mobile platform in place, allowing target audiences to engage and use online content and services when and where necessary.

Be Connected

Businesses need to recognise the importance of connecting with consumers in a physical retail setting in real time, as mobile’s influence on buyer behaviours soars and shopping practices such as ‘showrooming’ become commonplace.

Be found

The final step in putting mobile at the heart of the customer experience is ensuring visibility, and managing and generating demand. The wide variety of opportunities to ‘be found’ online demonstrate the level of influence mobile has on consumers. It is time for retailers to make smarter use of mobile technology and move from mobile ‘marketing’ to delivering mobile ‘experiences’.

Commenting on the whitepaper, Jasper Bell, Strategy Consultant at Amaze, says: “Technological developments over the last few years have transformed our behaviour- we use mobile and tablet devices in our day-to-day lives far more now- and this means consumer expectations of convenience and service levels are increasing.

“To thrive in this new era of mobile, smart businesses will take a new approach and place mobile at the heart of the customer experience. With mobile’s influence reaching far beyond just selling, those that take a long-term, iterative approach and enhance their mobile customer experience in 2014 will reap the commercial rewards.”

Download the compete whitepaper here.