The Influence Of Augmented Reality And It’s Impact On SEO

by Ben Austin Absolute Digital Media

Augmented reality is becoming a pretty standard part of our everyday lives, especially where social media is concerned. If you’ve ever used a filter on Snapchat or played Pokémon Go or any of the apps that followed, you’ll have experienced AR and just how entertaining it can be. However, with the likes of Google Lens and other similar apps turning AR educational, the world of search is changing. We’re taking a look at the impact AR is having on SEO and the proactive approach you need to take.

Google Lens

Google Lens is the search engine’s way of adopting augmented reality to enhance its search function. By using their camera, users of Google Lens can find out more about an object, animal, location and more thanks to the range of capabilities available, including:

  • Text-Based Actions – Through an image of text, Google can translate languages, make calls, copy and paste content, add events to a calendar or find out more about the topic or phrase listed.
  • Product Searches – Through image searches, you can find the same or a similar product to something you see, whether that’s an outfit, home décor, food etc.
  • Explore Your Surroundings – With Google Lens, you can find out more about a business you’re in front of, including opening times, reviews, history and ratings.

While it isn’t used widely just yet, Google Lens can now recognise over a billion items and locations, and so it’s impossible to ignore the likelihood that it’ll become a standard part of the search landscape sooner rather than later.

How Will AR Effect SEO?


With the potential for Google Lens and other AR apps to change how we search, optimising for a technology that’s constantly changing might seem impossible. However, taking the same proactive approach to this change as we do to any of Google’s algorithm updates can help us prepare for the upcoming changes as they happen. The key changes to watch include:

Local SEO Will Become Crucial

When a user utilises AR to scan over a building, they’ll be met with the information about a business right from their Google My Business listing. For this reason, making sure that your GMB is fully up to date is the first step to ensuring you are AR ready.

You’ll need to fill out all of the details that you can, creating an up-to-date and compelling listing that will ensure passers-by and potential customers actually visit your store rather than opting for a competitor.

Reviews are also an important part of creating a strong online presence for AR. On average, a potential consumer will need to read 40 reviews before they believe a rating, so ensuring you have a strong collection of both will not only secure this but offer another compelling feature for those using AR on the go.

Consumers Can Make More Informed Purchases

More and more brands are offering AR as a way to test out outfits, makeup, furniture and accessories, enabling consumers to essentially try before they buy without ever having to leave the house. If you can offer your consumers the chance to view your products before they order them, you can not only allow them to make a more informed decision, but reduce your bounce rate, increase the length of sessions and increase the number of conversions. By enhancing the customer experience, you can improve engagement and help consumers make their purchase with confidence, ultimately encouraging them to return in the future.

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