The Importance Of Integration In The Quest For Thumb-Stopping Content


In the UK, people scroll through an average of 300ft of content on their mobiles daily. On that feed, there are friends, influencers, and brands vying for their individual attention – Jaywing aim to help you create content that will not only be eye-catching, but thumb-stopping.

Considering how you can integrate your brand (or product) into content, and that content onto each platform is a vital part of planning your social production. It sounds obvious but without integrating your brand, you’re losing the valuable opportunity for recall and the more context you can add to the placement of your product, the greater the ROI win.

It’s a delicate balance, but there are tactics that you can deploy to aid recall without compromising creativity or engagement.

Boost your brand recall by tapping into relevant trends and memes circulating amongst your audience – social listening tools will help you identify your best opportunities. But not every #trend is going to give you the edge you’re after.

Focus on remaining credible and pick your moment. Ask yourself ‘Does it make sense for my brand to mimic this trend?’ Does it feel forced, or try-hard, or cringey? Whilst creating content that follows a popular meme or trend can help your brand ride the swell of popularity and increase reach and engagement, do so only if you can execute it in a way that feels true to your brand’s social value proposition.

Another tactic for context is imitation – allowing brands to infiltrate the same sphere as your target audience by behaving, and posting like the audience, giving you that increased likelihood for the thumb to stop. However, the feed is so saturated your challenge is to ensure your brand still stands out.

Don’t forget to use your brand personality as your USP and think about how you can put your unique twist on it. Imitate, don’t copycat and take advantage of native functions and features within each platform to bubble up the right content, at the right time.

Finally, there’s the integration of longer-form content. In the quest to hit a seven second window don’t cut out the narrative in favour of brand or product shots. Whilst being in the first three seconds is key, being there with no real understanding of why screams ad.

Tell a story and you’ll be getting it right. Set the scene, introduce the brand and deliver the punch-line. Our experience shows that scene-setting and establishing the role for your brand in content is one of the most important ways of increasing audience brand recall.

Jaywing’s whitepaper has a five point approach to creating thumb-stopping content and is available to download for free now.