The Figaro Digital Digest: December 2019

by Figaro Digital

Happy New Year! Besides (too many) cups of mulled wine, mince pies, gift-giving, and a mountain of food to feast on, last month brought with it the decade’s last marketing hurrahs and news.

Despite the year winding down, the world of social media, marketing, and digital has moved quickly, so find out all about the latest below.

The Latest Social News

Twitter Allows Posting of Live Photos as GIFs

Live Photos is one of Apple’s most beloved features, adding a second or two of recording to your favourite photos.

Previously, when attempting to post a Live Photo to Twitter, it would only upload as a still image. Now a Live Photo will post as a GIF, allowing users to share and see the images in their motion-blurred glory.

From the iOS app, users simply have to draft a tweet, select the relevant image from their camera roll, then hit the GIF button in the bottom-left corner. The image will then be posted as a GIF.

Instagram Attempts to Crack Down on Cyberbullying with AI Tool

To continue its fight against cyberbullying, Instagram will now ask users if they wish to post content or comments that have potentially offensive or abusive language in it.

The tool uses artificial intelligence to flag this type of content, but it will not stop users from posting it. Instead, it will trigger a notification which states: ‘This caption looks similar to others that have been reported’.

Users will then be able to revert posting the content. If a user clicks ‘Learn More’, it states: ‘Keep Instagram a supportive place. We are asking people to rethink comments that seem similar to others that have been reported.’

Will this reduce toxicity on the platform? Maybe, but it’s still good to see Instagram take somewhat of a stand.

Facebook Uses Data to Predict 2020 Trends

As part of its 2020 Topic and Trends Report, Facebook has collected data from 13 countries to figure out what under-the-radar trends will be hitting the mainstream next year. Five major trends were seen, including:

  • Flexitarians, green diets, and green rooms
  • Milk baths
  • Podcasts
  • Gut-friendly food and kimchi
  • Astrology
  • 1980s nostalgia

Some of these trends were focused around very specific areas, such as 1980s nostalgia in South America. However, there appears to be a strong trend in incorporating plant-based diets in a more accessible fashion across countries, as well as a focus on gut health.

The Latest Google News

Google Launches Wildlife Insights to Help Conservation Efforts

Google has been in the news for the worst reasons this year, but the company’s latest AI and tech merge, Wildlife Insight, is set to be instrumental in helping animal conservation efforts.

The technology uses AI and a camera to allow researchers to take pictures of wildlife and automatically label and upload that animal’s data to a freely-accessible global database. As a result, more endangered animals can be tagged and recorded, thus improving communication between researchers to keep wildlife safe.

Thanks, Google.

The Latest Brand News

Amazon Streams Premier League Football to Massive Success

For those who follow Premier League football, the league has exclusively been in the hands of Sky Sports for years, with BT Sport sharing some of the illustrious pie in recent years. This year, however, Amazon received the rights to exclusively cover December’s first set of fixtures, as well as games on Boxing Day.

The broadcast was a huge success, meaning soon Amazon could add sports to its multi-stringed streaming bow.

The popularity of the broadcast, as well as its slick slew of options such as reactive stats graphics, instant highlights, and the ability for more user customisation, means football may soon be part of the platform’s omnichannel digital marketing experience.

Corsodyl Gamifies on Twitch to Promote its Toothpaste

Gamification isn’t new in the world of marketing, but brands have scarcely known how to navigate Twitch, the world’s biggest streaming platform.

While some tech-based brands have seen success on Twitch thanks to overlapping with gaming, Corsodyl is perhaps the most alien brand to make a splash on the platform.

Its 8-bit ad manages to interweave into the gaming content on the platform and as a result, the brand has gone beyond the tired person-standing-in-front-of-the-mirror-smiling format:

Nike Football and Raheem Sterling Dare To ‘Dream For The Next You’

Since Raheem Sterling’s popular yet poignant ad with Nike last year, the sports brand has been on something of a wave for stripped-back, emotionally honest advertising. While competitors like Adidas are embedding themselves in a flood of graphics, Nike is continually opting for storytelling and “the big picture”.

In its latest collaboration with England and Manchester City footballer Raheem Sterling, the advert returns to the footballer’s roots in Brent, London to reflect on dreams, commitment, and communities:

Our Favourite Campaign of the Month

Spotify Wraps up the Decade with a Reflection on Taste

Ever wondered how your tastes change over time? Well, thanks to Spotify, many of us were able to collectively feel a wave of nostalgia (or cringe) looking back at the songs, genres and albums we have adored over the last decade.

Collating information of a user’s account since 2010, Spotify was able to serve a visually appealing summation of said user’s listening habits over the course of a decade, touching on their artist of the decade, favourite albums, top songs, and best of all, a visual which illustrated how the listener’s favourite artists and taste has changed.

The service trended, people talked about it, and despite being one of the biggest streaming platforms already, the Spotify app saw 2.3 million downloads in the three days after Wrapped was released.

Spotify is once again evidence that data, when used properly, can be a force for massive engagement.

By just using data, Spotify was able to form a personal connection.

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