The Figaro Digital Digest: 6th April 2018

by Figaro Digital

The long Easter Bank Holiday has come and gone, and we’re feeling refreshed and re-energised, but has the marketing world been as active over the last seven days? Let’s find out with our latest round-up of marketing news.

Study Shows Most Marketers Think Their Ads Are Relevant

In an analysis of 183 billion website visits, 12 billion video views, 150 billion emails, and 1000 consumers, Adobe has found that most marketers think their ads are relevant.

However, the 2017 State of Digital Advertising report also found that although 74 per cent of marketers think they are putting out relevant ads, few people who see them agree. In fact, Adobe has reported that just 8 per cent of people think the ads they see online are ‘always’ relevant, with 27 per cent thinking they are ‘often’ relevant.

The study has also revealed a number of interesting marketing stats, such as:

• Connected TV website visits are up 40 per cent since 2016.
• On-demand streaming is up 114 per cent over the past two years.
• Smartphone visits to growing retailers were 48 per cent higher than in 2016.
• Non-customers are three times more likely to visit retailers from social media than customers.
• Push notifications are up 300 per cent over the past nine months.

Spotify Sees Ad Revenue Increase Following IPO Launch

This week Spotify began trading as a public company and new figures from Standard Media Index have shown strong growth. Year on year growth of ad revenue is at 63 per cent – considerably higher than other internet radio competitors Pandora (5 per cent), which is the market leader with a 63 per cent ad revenue market share, and iHeartMedia (-6 per cent).

SMI CEO, James Fennessy, has said:

“Advertising on Internet Radio continues to grow significantly, in line with other types of digital advertising,”

“While the ad revenue for Internet Radio continues to grow, it hasn’t reduced the amount of advertising traditional radio (including terrestrial and satellite). The Internet Radio market grew vigorously in 2015, and although that has begun to slow down, the industry has continued to maintain double digit gains, bringing it closer to the revenue level of traditional radio.”

Seventy-seven Per Cent Of Students Considering Taking A Social Time Out

You may have heard of a digital detox, but a recent study of 1000 UK students by marketing agency Seed has found that 77 per cent of students are considering taking an ‘extended time out’ from social media. Just 10 per cent said that they depend on social media, 35 per cent said they could take a month off, and 41 per cent said they would if their friends took a break too.

The research also revealed that 74 per cent felt pressure to ‘attain perfection both in the digital and physical worlds’ and it was suggested that many feared missing out if they took a time out.


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