The Figaro Digital Digest: 1st June 2018

by Figaro Digital

“Pinch, punch, first of the month!” Make sure to say “white rabbits” quickly, and then read our round-up of the latest digital marketing news of the week. The good luck may help you find an inspirational gem.

Google Launches Optimize And AdWords

This week Google announced via its blog that there will be three new updates which will make creating and testing more relevant landing pages easier.

1. Connect Optimize with the new AdWords Experience

Switch to AdWords experience for faster access to new features and more actionable insights.

2. Link Multiple AdWords Accounts at Once

Designed for advertisers or agencies who manage multiple accounts, Optimize can be directly linked to your manager account and all your AdWords accounts will be pulled through at once. That means you’ll be able to connect data from separate campaigns and ad groups in mere minutes.

3. Gain More Flexibility with Your Keywords

Optimize will allow advertisers to run a single experiment for multiple keywords, even across different campaigns and ad groups.

Snapchat Could Soon Help You Log Into Other Apps

It has been reported this week that Snapchat is getting ready to launch a new developer platform called Snapkit, which would reportedly let you log into other apps using your existing Snapchat account – à la Facebook.

This could be great news for the app’s struggling numbers, and will give users a desirable alternative to logging in using Facebook.

Consumers Still Don’t Understand How Brands Use Their Data

According to a survey by OnePoll for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, despite GDPR coming into force on May 25th, 48 per cent of people still don’t understand where and how organisations typically use their personal data. A figure 17 per cent higher than when the research was last conducted two years ago.

The research found just seven per cent feel they have a good understanding of how their data is used, and 45 per cent somewhat understand.

Just under a fifth (18 per cent) of people said they believe data is not handled in an honest and transparent way, whereas 29 per cent said they’d received communication from a business they did not give permission to contact them in the past month. Only 17 per cent said that they had never been contacted by a brand without permission.

Less than half (41 per cent) of those surveyed were aware of the new data regulations and, of those who were aware of them, just 43 per cent said they know their rights as a consumer in relation to data protection.

The figures clearly show more needs to be done to educate the British public on data privacy and their rights.


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