The Figaro Digital Digest: 15th June 2018

by Figaro Digital

Britain may have been blessed this week with gorgeous sunshine, but the digital marketing world doesn’t stop for summer. Check out the latest happenings in our round-up below.

More Than A Third Of People Think Facebook Doesn’t Care About Its Users

According to a recent report by the7stars, 37 per cent of UK consumers think Facebook doesn’t care about its users, with 28 per cent saying that they are cautious about what they post on the social media site. Those aged 55 and over are particularly cautious with 34 per cent saying they are careful about what they post.

Data protection was one of the main concerns with 44 per cent believing the government should do more to monitor big tech companies and 42 per cent stating businesses do not take enough responsibility for how they use users’ data.

Despite these findings, just nine per cent deleted content after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

FIFA World Cup To Boost Ad Spend In 2018

Reports this week have revealed that major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup will have a significant influence on ad spend.

Dentsu Aegis Network has predicted the World Cup and Asian Games will boost ad spend in the Asia Pacific by 4.5 per cent in 2018 taking it to 41 per cent of the global increase this year ($613.5bn). North America has the next highest share at 32 per cent, Western Europe accounts for 13 per cent, Latin America eight per cent, and Eastern Europe five per cent.

Snapchat Announces New Ad Initiatives For The Year Ahead

Snapchat has announced a wealth of changes this week. The social app will introduce new programmatic purchasing for its AR lenses, a new AR ad product which connects to its Snappables games, as well as making its ‘largest push’ for ecommerce advertisers yet.

Snapchat’s AR lenses will be added to its self-serve ad-buying tool based on costs per impression from $8 to $20. This will include advanced demographic targeting with 500 pre-set audiences and full-funnel measurement.

The app is also bringing out Sponsored Snappables – a branded version of its two-player AR selfie game which requires players to make ‘funny faces in public’.

Lastly, Snapchat is introducing goal-based bidding conversions and allowing Pixel users to create campaigns around direct-response objectives such as purchases or sign-ups, helping advertisers to see an exact return on ad spend.

Google AdWords Makes Three Changes To Its Offering

This week, Google made three announcements at Search Marketing Expo:

1. Google is expanding affiliate location extensions to video campaigns on YouTube to help drive and measure foot traffic to nearby retail stores. There will also be new local catalogue ads on display by the end of the month.

2. Google is introducing new price benchmarks in AdWords reporting to show advertisers how similar retailers are pricing the same products.

3. More than 70 retailers are now live on Google’s Shopping Actions program.


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