Spotlight On: Mike Jeffs at Branded3

by Charlotte Harries Edit Agency Ltd.

Mike Jeffs, Senior Account Director at Branded3 and Simon Prince, Head of Customer Acquisition at Powwownow, will be among the speakers at the Figaro Digital Health Check & Marketing Summit at The Emirates in London on 6 November. We caught up with Mike to hear about the presentation and find out how SEO fits into the broader marketing landscape

Hi Mike. Please give us a quick introduction to what you’ll be discussing at the event.

SEO is a core part of many brands’ digital marketing plan. The SEO landscape has changed vastly over the last two years and will continue to evolve. How can brands check their health? Why should they? What impact does this have on a business and the relationships that business may have with agencies? We’ll discuss how Branded3 have worked with long-term client Powwownow.

Why does this matter to marketers right now?

According to Econsultancy, 55 per cent of companies will spend more on SEO, up from 51 per cent a year ago. Budgets are not always flexible, so performance and the use of one channel can greatly effect what’s capable in another channel. Marketers need to understand how channels work together and affect budget.

We’re impatient! Can we have one take-away from your presentation?

Don’t just focus on building links as an SEO strategy. Focus on protecting what you’ve got already and manage any potential risks to performance. If performance is struggling don’t assume the solution is to link-build your way out of it.

What’s the single biggest issue facing marketers in your sector at the moment?

Understanding the change that SEO has gone through. It’s a fast paced industry but SEO is a long-term investment.

What factors do you anticipate dominating digital marketing in 2015?

Brands that can gain a seamless digital experience, regardless of device or channel, will win in organic search. What this means for SEO is that all content needs to be engaging, whether that be engaging users at the consideration or post-purchase stage.