Spooktacular Marketing Campaigns from Previous Halloweens

by Figaro Digital

With the most frightening night of the year just a few weeks away, we’re sure to start seeing Halloween themed marketing campaigns popping up everywhere in the coming days… if they’ve not began already. But before the latest batch of haunting remarketing and scary social posts, let’s take a look back at some of our favourite All Hallows’ Eve marketing from yesteryear.

The Oreo Laboratory

The Oreo Laboratorium campaign was a great example of utilising user generated content to a brand’s advantage. In a series of short, viral videos, Oreo biscuits were seen transformed into tasty monsters. These were then shared on Oreo’s social media channels and followers were asked to name the character creations and vote for the best one.
Cute and creative, this campaign appealed to Halloween fans young and old.


Kellogg’s Scarily Good Rice Krispies

Surprising vending machines have long been a success in social video marketing – The Coca Cola Happiness Machine campaign of 2010 has more than 7.5million views (see it here). So, it comes as no surprise that another big brand has taken the fool-proof campaign and put a scary twist on it.
In order to promote its limited edition Halloween themed ‘Malloween’ and ‘Totally Shocklately’ Rice Krispies ‘scares’, Kellogg’s put free vending machines up at Dublin Institute of Technology University and numerous shopping centres. But all wasn’t as it seemed.
When people reached in to collect their free treat, a hand reached to grab them from inside the machine.


Haunted by Booking.com

Back in 2013, Booking.com built its very own ‘Haunted’ section of its site which offered 350,000 stays at different venues around the world. The trick? These happened to be the most haunted hotels they had on their site, and all were planning ghoulish events for the season including ghost tours and horror stories.
Seven feature hotels were depicted in scarily beautiful horror movie-style posters and rather than the usual ‘learn more’ calls to action, visitors were told ‘stay if you dare’.

Spint LG’s ‘It’s so Real, It’s Scary’

The best marketing campaigns make potential customers feel emotion. Well, this simple video campaign from LG had people screaming in fear, which makes for great viewing around this season.
In the ‘So Real, It’s Scary’ campaign LG proved how the picture quality of its IPS screens is so great that they can create horrifying optical illusions. Of course, the reactions of those scared were taped on hidden cameras for your enjoyment. LG’s video has now amassed nearly 26 million views.


Tesco’s Spookermarket

Another campaign that used hidden cameras to catch the reactions of frightened customers, this Tesco campaign saw an average supermarket booby-trapped with ghostly shopping trolleys that move on their own and creatures of the night that jump out from hiding positions.
The video got millions of views online and encourages watchers to view other Tesco Halloween-themed clips, such as how to do seasonal crafts.


Frightfully Good Marketing Campaigns

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