SEO, PPC & Display: Spotlight Roundup 11 June 2020

by Eleanor Pyne Figaro Digital

Last Thursday (11 June), we took our search seminar to the web, bringing together experts from Ryman, Liberty Marketing, Found., and Edit to discuss all the latest topics and trends in SEO, PPC, and Display marketing. Read on for a brief summary of the content covered in the presentations.

How to Future Proof Against Any Algorithm Update

Rebecca Todd, SEO Manager at Ryman, gives some tips on how to use consumer behaviour and psychology to future-proof against algorithm updates.

Exploring Audiences with Google Ads

Many of the options available to us to target our audiences are not being used often enough by most brands. Yet these are the things that make a huge difference to ROI. Gareth Morgan, Managing Director at Liberty Marketing, will explore some of these options, and clear up any confusion about what they can do when it comes to audiences.

From Search to Discovery: The Changing Face of Search Engines

The changing face of SEO is important – a lot of clients want to know how to improve their SEO performance. But, ultimately, that’s changing almost every day, and we’re starting to see search engines move away from traditional user query to discovery, and pushing information out, so they way we optimise needs to change. Hannah Thorpe, Director of Growth Strategy at Found., explains how they deliver the best service they possibly can, and how SEO has transformed from a performance channel to more of an attention channel.

PPC Beyond the Here and Now

It’s safe to say that the world is a crazy place right now and, although we’re out of the initial shock of the pandemic, it’s had business of all types on edge. In the world of search, coronavirus has dominated our behaviour over the last 14 to 15 weeks, peaking in mid-March when we first went into lockdown. Rebekah Waller, Senior Paid Search Executive at Edit, discusses what’s important to know, do, and discover about PPC at the moment.


Our next webinar will take place on 18 June, with a focus on B2B. Register here or email Paul Nichols for more information.