SEO, PPC & Display Seminar Roundup: 10 June 2021

by Eleanor Pyne Figaro Digital

Last Thursday, Figaro Digital hosted an SEO, PPC & Display webinar. Our speakers gave important tips on how to maximise the content you already have and how to defend your brand in a competitive market.

Topics covered included maximising your paid media spend, debunking content marketing myths, marketing mistakes, and a case study from AutoTrader. Read on for a summary of the presentations.

The Secret to Unlocking Valuable Clicks

Claire Stanley-Manock, Paid Media Director at connective3, gives the secret formula for unlocking outstanding PPC performance, in particular the incremental valuable clicks. So if you have your top performing key words and your struggling to get any more performance out of them, then this talk should really help.

Debunking Content Marketing Myths

Content is one of the most commonly misunderstood areas of SEO. Many marketers don’t have a take on what’s working, and there are some reasons for that. James Brockbank, Managing Director & Founder at Digitaloft, outlines and debunks some of the misconceptions that they hear from their clients.

Bottling the Smell of Success

Adam Whittles, Head of SEO at AutoTrader, takes us through a case study of one of their most recent marketing campaigns called Eau de New Car. He gives a little bit of insight into how this campaign came about, some of the decisions made to ensure it was a success, and a few things they could have done differently.

Eight Big Marketing Mistakes Brands Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Luca Senatore, CEO of Genie Goals, discusses the eight biggest mistakes brands make in marketing and offers some solutions. At the end of the presentation, he gives some possible next steps and key takeaways.

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