Q&A: Richard Harris, Head of Online Marketing, Paddy Power plc

by Jessica Ramesh

Richard Harris, Head of Online Marketing at Paddy Power, will be among the speakers at the Figaro Digital Marketing Conference in London on 17 July 2014. We caught up with Richard for a quick preview of his presentation at the event

Hello Richard. Please give us a quick introduction to what you’ll be discussing at the Figaro Digital Marketing Conference.

I’ll talking about how Paddy Power uses shareable content to grow and engage with its customer base and how you can use partnerships to further expand that audience

Why does this matter to marketers right now?

I don’t think it’s a case of ‘right now’. It’s always been important. We just do it differently today. Technology allows you to turn the old school storytelling format of ‘down the pub with a few good mates’ to ‘the biggest and longest pub crawl ever with anyone who wants to join.’ The ability to seed and share content has really taken off for some brands.

We’re impatient! Can we have one key take-away from your presentation?

Underwear never ceases to engage people.

What’s the single biggest issue facing marketers in your sector at the moment?

Based on the number of calls from outside that I get offering the best solution in the market, it would seem that it is attribution – probably the same in other sectors if based on this criteria.

If we provided you with a magic wand that enabled you to make one change to the digital marketing landscape, what would it be? 

I’d like to regulate against poor grammar and foul language on all user generated content.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Not right now. The second half just started and it’s another bad result for the bookies on the cards.