Multichannel Marketing Seminar Round-up: 26 March 2015

by Jessica Ramesh

The Figaro Digital Multichannel Marketing Seminar took place on Thursday 26 March at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden. The afternoon looked at integrated campaigns and multichannel attribution, with speakers from SDL, Branded3, Innometrics and Stream:20 joining us to offer expert advice and share case studies. 

Before the event kicked off, we grabbed a few of our delegates to hear what they were hoping to get from the afternoon.

“I didn’t really come with an agenda in mind. I just want to hear from the different agencies. A new budget will be released in July and I want to make sure that I have made enough contacts and done enough research to know where we’re going to be spending it on our digital marketing strategy.”Melanie Philippe, Marketing Director at World Photography Organisation.

“We’re always looking out for what other companies are doing and what’s coming up on the inside track, so to speak. We’re here to get a feel for what bits we might be missing, what we might be doing well and what we need to build on some more. We’re looking out for opportunities that we can bring into our own business.” Anthony Lea, Head of CRM

“I think the piece about acquisitions and retention is going to be really key for us today because, as we grow as a business and acquire more people, it’s going to be difficult to get the balance right and make each channel more optimised.”
 Fiona Wallin, Head of Digital at

“I’m looking to dive in and get new ideas. You get so carried away with sending your emails and doing social media, but actually there are other ways that we can reach our customers. We’d like to be able to use events like Kate Middleton having her baby to create a great campaign and from talking to people so far this afternoon it’s confirmed that, actually, we could definitely do something like that for our business.” 
Zoe Dunn, Web Manager at Marie-Chantal.
Getting Consumers’ Attention – and Keeping It
Alex Simonson – VP SDL Campaign Management & Analytics EMEA, SDL

“Experience is more important than price.”


We live in an eight-second era, says Alex at SDL. This means that marketers have just eight seconds to capture their customers’ attention. For each second, there is a phase of customer engagement that marketers need to consider. Here’s what they are. Talk to customers in their preferred language. Remember that the customer journey is no longer linear, so think about all the channels they are engaging on. Make sure the data you collect is relevant to your target audience. Use data to personalise your communications to the individual. Ensure the information you supply is being used in the right context. Make information easily accessible. Offer personalised incentives. And always push messages that support your reputation. 

Watch Alex’s presentation in full here.

Why You Should Let Your Customers Determine Your Multichannel Strategy
Andrew Machin – Creative Director, Branded3

“Low reach is fine. We want to be highly relevant and highly engaging.”


Marketers need to build experiences, not just chase conversions, says Andrew at Branded3. As long as you’re providing a highly engaging and relevant experience for your key target audience, it doesn’t matter if your reach is not quite there yet. Make sure the channels you’re using align with the right moment of your customers’ journey. Plot the journey out—think about where your targeted users exist. Do your research so that you can be useful, and make it simple to convert. But in terms of experience, be innovative. 

Watch Andrew’s presentation in full here.

Crafting the Next Great Brand Experiences
Andy Walker – Managing Director, Innometrics

“The great iconic brand experiences of the future are going to be those that work across channels.”


Thinking back to Guinness’s famous ‘Surfer’ ad, the great brand moments of the past were confined to the TV, says Andy at Innometrics. But, in the future, iconic brand moments will need to exist across connected devices. How can marketers achieve this when it’s so difficult to view the customer holistically? It’s important to see your customers and prospects in real-time. Learn from start-ups by leveraging the wealth of technology that is available. And empower marketers to be creative with technology. 

Watch Andy’s presentation in full here.

How the Merging of Customer Acquisition and Retention is Impacting the Whole Multichannel Mix
Suzanne Jiggens-Johnson – Director, Stream:20

“Keep your messages consistent, but don’t be afraid to change them slightly for different customers and circumstances. Just make sure you have a strategy in place.”


Acquisitions and retention teams can benefit from working together, says Suzanne at Stream:20. Here are a few examples of what has been learnt from a multichannel approach. People in acquisitions need to think about which channel mix targets the highest value audience segments. It’s not critical to sell every product to every customer in the first interaction. People in retention need to think about what channels users found them on. They need to take creative control, and ensure the messaging is consistent throughout. 

Watch Suzanne’s presentation in full here.

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Written by Estelle Hakner.