#MissingType – NHS and Brands Campaign for Blood Donations

by Edit Ltd

Between August 16 and 21, brands across the world are dropping the letters A, B and O from their signs, social media accounts and other brand communications.

London-based PR agency Engine Group has worked with NHS Blood and Transplant to launch the #MissingType campaign after its success during National Blood Week 2015. The three letters symbolising blood types are disappearing from iconic brands such as Microsoft/Xbox, Boots, Google and Tesco, as well as landmarks such as the iamsterdam sign outside Amsterdam’s Rijkmuseum.

The campaign hopes to address a concerning fact – that blood donations globally have dropped by nearly 30 per cent in the past ten years. According to the World Health Organisation, only about 33 people in every 1,000 in high-income countries donate blood. A particularly staggering statistic given that 74 countries collect more than 90 per cent of their blood supply from voluntary donors.

Using the hashtag, social media users can watch and participate in the campaign – and drop the letters from their own names, too. The goal is to encourage more people to donate blood around the globe, which you can do yourself here.

Digital agency branded3 has also participated in the campaign.

“The #missingtype campaign is a fantastic example of how the power of social media can be utilised to make significant changes for causes that really matter. As a digital agency we wanted to show our support both online, in removing the letters from our logo, but also offline, where all staff have been offered the opportunity to leave work early to go and donate blood at their local blood bank. It’s a great campaign and we’re pleased that Branded3 are able to do their bit to help make a difference. ” says Tim Grice, CEO, branded3.