Matthew Diss, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Intershop Communications

by Jessica Ramesh

Matthew Diss, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Intershop Communications, will speak at the Figaro Digital Retail Conferenceon 14 May 2015. He tells us about innovative approaches to customer experience

Innovation and customer experience are the key to making your ecommerce site stand out from the crowd. Engaging your customers both on and offline and targeting them with relevant, engaging material is crucial to making your site sticky.

Mister Spex is a good example of innovation with a great interactive experience allowing you to see how you would look in a pair of glasses – a crucial addition to buying online. It involves understanding the customer and almost reading their mind, showing them what they are looking for without them having to find it.

All this shows you care about more than just extracting conversions. Giving your brand advocates an app which does more than just look like the website will encourage loyalty and help spread the word, but the app has to give them something special that they can’t get elsewhere. Providing the right delivery option is also key to conversions.

Click-and-collect has proved popular and there are now a growing number of options allowing orders to be picked up rather than missing deliveries to the door. All these innovations are only possible if you have the right platform and technology at the back-end. Flexibility, stability and speed to market are the things to look for in your technology choices.