How to Master Google AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

by Figaro Digital

Google AdWords remarketing is one of the best online marketing tools. Why? Well, it shows relevant ads to visitors who have previously visited your site, entices them to return and, hopefully, purchase a product or service.

So, how can you ensure you’re remarketing effectively? Here you can learn tips on how to create successful Google AdWords remarketing campaigns.

Choose A Great Graphic Designer

You need your display advert to stand out, and for all the right reasons. It’s all very well creating a remarketing ad to keep your product or service at the forefront of the viewer’s mind, but if the design is poor, it can push potential customers away.

Always ensure that you use a graphic designer who can create an eye-catching advert, as well understand exactly how Google AdWords remarketing works. You want your advert to attract the viewer’s attention, therefore it’s essential that the graphic designer you employ understands your field.

Be Creative

You want to convey a unique message for your ad, therefore it’s important that you spend time thinking of ways to do so. After all, potential customers will see this message when they’re trying to compare your products, so it needs to be catchy and creative.

Think outside the box and use icons and logos to convey your message in addition to persuasive language, and you’ll be well on your way to creating innovative ads.

Be Savvy About Your Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune on AdWords remarketing campaigns, but make the most of what you do have to spend. If there are certain campaigns that are performing particularly well, then it’s worth re-allocating your budget to prioritise these. This way, your budget will be allocated to campaigns that are worth spending money on.

Do Your Research

This is crucial for creating successful AdWords remarketing campaigns. In order to crush your competition, you need to check out how your competitors are using remarketing.

It’s highly likely that there’ll be some who won’t be using Google AdWords, in which case you’ll have the upper hand. How? Well, you can pick up on the potential sales that your competitors have lost out on. Do your research and you’ll be able to create remarketing campaigns that target your competitors’ users.

So, now we’ve shared our top tips for mastering Google AdWords remarketing campaigns, you should be able to remarket like a pro. If you’d like to further improve your knowledge on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) why not attend one our events? Take a look at our PPC events calendar and get some dates in the diary to avoid missing out.