Leverage AI Technologies In Your Marketing Mix

by Zulfah Abrahams Inspiring Interns

The current digital marketing environment is perfectly placed to make advantageous use of AI-powered solutions. Indeed, Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems destined to take the industry one step further and help marketers achieve a number of desirable outcomes.

From increasing customer loyalty, to engaging target audiences with relevant content, to improving sales conversions, AI can provide valuable customer insights in real time for marketers to make use of.

In an industry where it is not uncommon for marketers to direct prodigious amounts of money based on strategic decision making, the accuracy of analytics and predictions cannot be overvalued. Data-driven marketing facilitated by AI fulfils a vital role here. Not only does AI technology make digital marketing efforts more effective, but it removes the danger of guesswork.

The Influential Role Of AI In Digital Marketing

The challenging demands of modern-day marketing have exceeded the limitations of traditional marketing technologies that are required to keep up-to-date with the speed and size and complexity of personalised customer engagement across multiple channels.

Engaging with individual customers through personalised messages has been shown to be most effective in enhancing customer engagement, brand loyalty and driving profit margins forward.

Takeaway One 

Customer segmentation – a highly valuable approach – offers extraordinary value when it comes to personalised messaging. The problem many marketers face, though, is that the practice is both labour- and research-intensive.

Machine learning applications dedicated to automated customer segmentation is a more efficient and time-friendly way to develop an understanding of the preferences and behaviour of customers.

Takeaway Two

AI technologies play a useful role in determining a positive effect on CRO through providing online visitors with a more engaging and personalised experience on a website. This works in two ways:

  • A visitor is offered best-fitting offers and useful content as algorithms analyse contributing factors such as location and website interaction.
  • The use of push notifications can deliver the right message at the most opportune time.

In a 2017 AI-powered personalisation survey study, 63 percent of marketers, when asked about the rewards of automated personalisation, acknowledged benefits such as improved conversion rates while 61 percent saw better quality customer experiences.

Takeaway Three

Email newsletters have been put to good use in converting sales and customer engagement in the sales funnel, yet in curating email content precious hours are devoured in compiling personal curated emails and scheduling them to numerous customer segments.

Artificial Intelligence offers marketers a distinct advantage here. The use of algorithms to track a subscriber’s online experience including email browsing data can create individualised email content based on: previous website interactions, time spent on a page, previous interactions with branded emails and previous online reading patterns.

AI software augments the results of customer communication through accurate predictive analytics and thus improves the performance of digital marketing efforts more quickly.  We have arrived at a new turning point in digital marketing – a place where AI has crafted an indispensable role in yielding significant practical and industry-relevant benefits such as data segmentation, content creation, personalising customer communication and other resource intensive tasks.


Zulfah Abrahams writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and graduate jobs.