How to Write Engaging Mobile PPC Content

by Erica Sunarjo

A clear indication that PPC ads are an effective marketing tool is that 40 per cent of brands want to increase their PPC budget. However, to maximise the impact of your PPC ads, you should devote your attention to mobile-friendly content. 

Considering that 80 per cent of people don’t leave their home without their mobile device, adapting the ads to mobile searches can be a huge advantage. Not to mention that 57 per cent of paid search clicks come from mobile devices. This right here is a solid reason to focus on crafting engaging mobile PPC content. 

While you may think that the responsive design of your PPC ads will suffice, why settle for that? Mobile searches differ from desktop searches, and you shouldn’t disregard that.

There are lots of ways in which you can customise PPC ads for a better mobile search experience. For that reason, consider the following tips that can help you accomplish that goal. 

1. Take advantage of mobile PPC ad additions

Are you aware of the possibilities that come with mobile PPC ads? You can use a variety of extensions to make it easier for the users to take the desired action. More importantly, you can provide them with a shortcut to their objective. 

Some of the options you can include in the mobile PPC ads are:

  • Store locator.
  • Mobile ordering.
  • Testimonials.
  • App download.

Take advantage of the customisation extensions that come with mobile ads to increase the engagement. For example, a simple click on the Install button allows users to download the DoorDash app. 

Recent research found that people spend 90 per cent of their mobile time in apps, and only 10 per cent browsing the internet. Including the possibility to download your mobile app directly from the ad can be the perfect solution to attracting more customers. 

2. Include mobile value proposition in the CTA

Emphasizse the benefits that mobile ads bring. The best way to do it is to add a mobile value proposition to the CTA.

The CTA should consider the mobile value propositions such as “Stream from your mobile phone.” Design propositions that are customised to mobile users.

A digital marketer and writer at TrustMyPaper, Dorian Martin, explains why this can be helpful, “With an increasing number of mobile users who resort to mobile devices for searches, you must consider the mobile value proposition. You’ll get them to act faster if they notice that there’s an additional benefit if they click on the ad while using their mobile phone.”

3. Have an attention-grabbing headline

People scroll through their searches fast. To catch their attention, you need an attractive headline. 

Boost the headline engagement with some of these tips and tricks:

  • Drive urgency with an offer with an expiration date. 
  • Use numbers.
  • Write the headline in the form of a question.
  • Get readers excited about your offer.
  • Share your work hours (eg open 24/7).
  • Give them a good reason to click on the ad.
  • Include the main keywords.

Here’s an ad by Medicare that incorporates numbers and evokes urgency with a countdown.

If you are struggling with coming up with attractive headlines, you can always team up with a paper writing service and get some help. Experienced writers can advise you on the best headline tactic that suits your target audience. 

4. Include exciting offers

According to research, over 64 per cent of online shoppers hold off from purchasing items until they go for sale. Moreover, more than 59 per cent of them search for promo codes before they buy anything online. 

People’s desire to “snatch a good deal” can work in your favour. Mention in the heading or description special offers, discounts, or favorable deals. 

The example by Airyclub proves this theory.

How could you resist saving up to 80 per cent? What we can learn from this example is that you should always state your biggest discount or your best deal. 

As soon as people see that they have a chance of saving some money, they’ll find your ad much more tempting. 

5. Put the focus on benefits

Emphasise what the user will gain by clicking the ad. Why is your ad valuable to them?

You need to consider what makes your brand stand out and use it in the ad. Take a look at the following ad by Rental Cars. 

They stated several benefits in the ad, such as the £4 a day rental, free cancellations, speaking different languages, no credit card fees, etc.

The biggest challenge with this task is to single out the main benefits and present them in a short ad. You might need to reach out to professional writers to help you out with this. Experienced writers who work for popular writing services such as Classy essay or GrabMyEssay can help you with expressing the benefits concisely.

6. Add call and/or message extension

With the short content that the mobile ads display, shoppers might want to get more information directly from the source. Allow users to contact you with a simple click. Call and message extensions can help you with that.

Provide the users with a chance to contact you and get a better understanding of the value of your campaign. For some businesses, these extensions can be necessary. 

For example, the following ad for injury lawyers emphasises the phone number as most clients will primarily want to speak to the lawyers before they make any further actions.

When it is logical that your collaboration with the client should start with a phone call, adding a call extension can be a huge plus. 

7. Include sitelinks

Sitelinks can help mobile users navigate your website more easily and land on the page that interests them most. Instead of going to your website and trying to figure out what they are looking for, they can simply click on the desired sitelink.

Blindster, for example, has shared four options for their mobile users. With multiple clickable options, shoppers can engage with the ad in different ways.

When adding the sitelinks, focus on the highest-trafficked pages or highest-converting pages on your website.

Simply creating a mobile PPC ad isn’t enough to get the attention of shoppers. You need to boost the ad’s engagement if you want the shoppers to interact with your brand. Hopefully, these tips will give you some fresh ideas on how to make the most of mobile PPC advertising.