How To Get Ahead With Personalised Video

by Jon Mowat Hurricane

Video is one of the most powerful tools that marketers have at their disposal to change behaviour, increase engagement and drive growth. But with competitors creating more and more content, marketing teams need to identify new ways to cut through and beat content fatigue.

According to a recent survey, if 81 per cent of brands sold across Europe just disappeared, consumers would not care at all. Personalised video is one of the best ways to make your customers care again, differentiate your brand and boost ROI.

Why Your Brand Needs Personalised Video Content

The positive results of personalisation speak for themselves. We’ve seen email campaigns with personalised video content regularly achieve 50 per cent plus open rates and 40 per cent click-through rate (compared to the average industry standard of 1.8 per cent).

Personalisation can not only help drive engagement, but also sales conversions. In another study, 86 per cent agreed that personalisation had at least some impact on what they purchased, while one quarter said that it had significantly influenced what they bought. (Infosys)

Since many brands have yet to maximise the potential of personalised video, when users do open an email with a video tailored “just for them”, it is memorable. By personalising content, you are humanising your brand- encouraging customers to make a deeper connection and develop a lasting relationship with your business.

Database Meets Content Marketing

Personalisation, where content marketing combines with a database, is only limited by the data that marketers can use. The tricky part is to cleverly match your creative content with the data that you have at your disposal.

Even adding a name to video content can help your viewers feel more valued. Most marketing professionals would personalise the name field of any bulk email communications, and now we can also do this with personalised video. Your email respondents will probably agree with Dale Carnegie’s adage that:

“Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.  We can make people feel extremely valued and important by remembering their name.”

What Kind Of Personalised Content?

Personalised video content can work across the sales funnel and is highly effective at each stage as we’re sending relevant messages to the right person at the right time. Customer service teams can also benefit from personalisation which can make onboarding easier and reduce churn, which not only lowers costs but also adds brand value.

There are various platforms on the market from solutions which charge per video rendered to subscription-based systems or companies which will take care of the whole production and delivery process for you. Broadly, we can divide personalised video into three types: bulk send, trigger-based and on-demand delivery.

The first is bulk send, where you have a bulk email list and want to send the email to everyone at the same time. For instance, if you’d like to follow up on a lead from a Figaro Digital event, why not send them a personalised video post-event? The personalisaton could be as simple as adding their name, or you could plan the data you need to capture in advance, such as interests or business challenges, and incorporate this data in your creative.

Then, there is trigger-based delivery where you drive conversions by sending personalised content based on user behaviour. So if someone is browsing on a shopping site but does not convert, you could set up a video to deliver a personalised message about the product and a discount code.

Finally, there is on-demand delivery where a user fills in a data capture form, and then the platform renders a video on-the-fly and sends via email.

Now’s The Time For Personalised Video

The benefits from personalised content have not been fully realised by brands, and there is a clear opportunity to use it before your competitors get personal too. Right now, personalisation is one of the smartest way for brands to stand out in the content noise, show customers they care and achieve ROI.

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