How To Come Up With Marketing Ideas: 10 Sources Of Inspiration

by Figaro Digital

Sometimes being ‘creative’ is hard work. The juices simply stop flowing from time to time, yet the demand for innovative marketing ideas that will make a brand ‘go viral’ do not. So, what do you do?

They say there’s no such thing as a bad idea, but to save you clutching at straws and ensure you put your best thoughts forward, we’ve put together a list of ten sources of inspiration for coming up with blog post ideas, campaign themes, and more.

1. Take Inspiration From What’s Currently Performing

The first thing we would recommend you do, before you put your thinking cap on, is to review your current performance. That means digging into Analytics and going deep on Buzzsumo to run off a monthly and annual report and analyse what has been working well, what hasn’t, and why.

Perhaps blog titles which ask questions receive particularly high engagement when shared on Facebook, or landing pages with video content have a higher goal completion rate. Delve into the data and highlight any commonalities, then think about how you can integrate these elements into your next creation.

2. Speak To Real-Life Customers

As digital marketers, we tend to be keyboard warriors and hide behind our laptops making judgements about consumers according to data. However, sometimes it is good to get out of the office and talk to real, physical potential customers and ask them about their wants and needs from a brand.

Not only can this face-to-face research help gleam true insights into your target demographic, but it also takes a personal approach, showing you care about the people you serve.

3. Scroll Through Social Media

Yes, you can tell your boss that scrolling through social media makes you better at your job. How? Well, social media is a quick and cost-effective way of learning what your target market is interested in and the latest trends in your industry.

For example, if ‘summer holidays’ is trending, then a campaign or piece of content on how your product can make this the best summer yet is sure to go down a storm.

LinkedIn is perfect for professional service providers, whereas Instagram is ideal for brands working in the beauty, fashion, or travel industries. We personally think Pinterest is the ideal spot for anything interior or home related.

4. Get Chatting In Forums

If you don’t have the ability to hold a focus group or the time to hit the streets with a clipboard, then forums can be a hotbed of discussion.

Monitoring and then engaging with the conversations will reveal what issues your personas have and how your product could help, as well as hot topics and common content themes.

5. Review Competitors’ Activity

They say it’s important to learn from your mistakes, but you could skip this stage and make educated, strategic decisions based on the successes and failures of your competitors.

Furthermore, your competitors’ activity can give you a leg up when it comes to link building. Analyse your competitors’ backlink profiles, compare them to your own, and outreach to any high DA sites which don’t match. After all, if these sites link to your competitors, why wouldn’t they link to yours?

Also, take a look at what the brands you aspire to be like do differently. What award-winning marketing are they doing that you could draw elements from?

6. Brainstorm With Your Colleagues

Two brains are better than one. Equally five are better than two. So, book out a meeting room, stock up on snacks and hash out some ideas together. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

7. Subscribe To More Emails

Don’t have time to trail the internet looking at competitors’ blogs or searching for specific topics in the news? Then why not set up a good old-fashioned RSS feed or Google Alert instead. That way, you’ll get carefully curated content sent to your inbox on a regular basis ready for you to dive into when you need inspiration.

8. Think About What You Would Want

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers by using products, utilising services, and travelling through the typical user journey taken on your site, then ask yourself some questions. Is there anything you would change? How did you use the product or service? Looking at your offering from a new angle could highlight a gap in your existing strategy.

9. Attend A Conference Or Seminar

Sometimes getting out of the office and networking with your peers can motivate and inspire you once more. It’s easy to get into a routine, or even a rut, and speaking to other marketers or listening to presentations by industry experts, could help you look at projects from a different angle.

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10. Read, Read And Read Some More

The more you read, the more likely you are to be inspired. So, browse through blogs, grab a good read, and order your copy of our online marketing magazine, and it’s unlikely you’ll be scratching your head for long.

Do you have any great sources of inspiration for interesting topics to write about or brilliant marketing campaigns that we’ve missed of this list? Share them with us on social. Tweet us @Figaro_Digital.