How Infographics Could Help Your Outreach

by Lizzie Exton Inspiring Interns

Infographics can be a great little marketing tool to really help boost your outreach strategy.  Clever illustrations and engaging text work hand in hand to broaden your appeal, making for an eye-catching marketing campaign which can fuel sales and get your product range seen by larger numbers of people.  Thinking about using infographics to help your outreach?  Here are a few of the advantages.

Show, Don’t Tell

We’re constantly being told that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.  Are you still paying attention?  Infographics can be a fantastic way to show potential customers and clients what you have to offer.  Instead of having to spend their time and energy reading over several paragraphs, they can see at a glance what you do through bite-sized chunks of text and some simple illustrations.

Bold, Visual Appeal

Infographics tend to be very simple and very bold in their use of colour.  It’s easy to lose interest in a web page of dull black and white text, but a visually appealing infographic is very difficult to ignore and customers or clients are more likely to engage with your site.  Instead of relying on words, let the pictures do the work and you’ll be rewarded with more click-throughs and more interest in your site.

People Learn More Through Images

Research has shown that people only retain around 20% of what they learn from reading plain text, but remember around 83% of what they pick up from graphics.  Because learning is mostly visual, it makes sound business sense to include infographics on your website if you want clients and customers to remember the message you’re trying to send them.

People are More Likely to Share

Because infographics are easy to share, they’re more likely to go viral.  An infographic which is bright and memorable will probably be passed on and reposted elsewhere, potentially spreading like wildfire across the internet.  If it’s well-designed, timely and eye-catching, people will be keen to pass it on.  The more people who share, the more people will become aware of your organisation and the more awareness you will gain or sales you’ll make.

It Shows A Fun and Creative Side To Your Business

Companies can often come across as impersonal and bland, but infographics have a quirky and creative side to them which can reflect well on you.  Rather than showing a corporate face to the world, adding some infographics to your site shows you have a fun-loving and altogether more human side to your company.

They Beat the Traditional Sales Patter

Traditional methods of marketing really don’t appeal to the younger demographic, they’re the customers and clients of tomorrow so it’s important to pay attention to their interests.  Millennials are very quick to hit the delete button when you reach out to them through email marketing, and they’re a lot less likely to pick up a solid newspaper or magazine to see your adverts.  Make your infographics smartphone friendly and easy to find and you’ll set yourself well ahead of the competition who still rely on these outreach methods.

Put simply, infographics can help you reach more people in record time, and they show off the cleverer, more creative sides of your business.  Find a professional designer who can craft beautiful and eye-catching illustrations, and you’ll soon find infographics are a brilliant way to help boost your outreach and turn clicks into clients.


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