How Do You Market An App?

by Figaro Digital

You’ve created an app, now you just need to promote it. Fortunately for you, we’re here to tell you how to effectively market your app without having to spend a penny.
After all, you will have spent a small fortune designing and building your app, therefore there’s no need to splash out on mobile app marketing too. Discover our pick of effective methods for gaining visibility on your app for absolutely nada.

Include Your App In Emails

When you sign off an email, many of you will have hyperlinks to your Facebook and Twitter pages, right? Well, why not include a link to your app? You’re likely to send countless emails on a daily basis, so by choosing not to include your app in each and every one of these emails, you’re throwing an advertising opportunity out of the window.

Incorporate your app into your emails by optimising your email signature. It’s a simple but savvy way to get your app out there.

Make Use Of App Store Optimisation

You’d optimise your website, so it only makes sense to optimise your app too. Surprisingly this technique is often overlooked, yet it’s an extremely important practice for getting your app to rank higher in an app store’s search results.

Focus on App Store Optimisation (ASO) and you’ll effortlessly help your app to rise to the top of a search results page.

Resolve Negative Reviews

If your app has bad reviews, no one will want to download it. Ensure that you resolve any issues that are giving your app a bad name. Satisfied customers can become your most influential brand ambassadors, so keep customers content by getting to the root of problems pronto and offering a solution.

How to market an app?
Apply For App Awards

One of the best ways to market your app is to apply for app awards. Many organisations award prizes to new, innovative apps for their functionality and design. By nominating your app for an award, you can increase your exposure and, of course, if you are successful in winning, your app will significantly benefit from credibility.

Look into different app awards and submit your app to those you think you’re a good contender for.

Speak At Events

Do your research. Find out where and when the next marketing event is and put yourself forward to do a talk. This way you can promote your app and also get recognised in the industry. As long as your app bares some sort of relevancy to the event, people will be interested in hearing all about your app and what it can offer them.

At Figaro Digital, we host a range of must-attend digital events. Take a look at our calendar of upcoming events here and find a wealth of speaking opportunities which will help you with marketing an app.