How Can I Make My Content Go Further?

by Absolute Digital Media

Getting the most out of your content can be mind boggling. After all, how do you make your content stand out from the hundreds of thousands of pieces being uploaded on a daily basis? Whether you’re writing new content or have noticed that your old content pieces are no longer getting traffic, there are a few things you can do to boost their visibility. Absolute Digital Media explain how.

Is writing a piece of content enough?

There was a time when writing a high-quality piece was all that was needed to achieve a high SERP ranking. But, that’s no longer the case. Over the years, Google has introduced many algorithm updates such as the E-A-T update, which has led to businesses having to spend more time considering what content best fits the brand and its purpose.

So, what are my options?

When it comes to writing content, your options may change depending on what industry your business operates in. Let’s take Google’s E-A-T update for example. The whole purpose of this update was to increase site quality, and encourage businesses to keep up with the changing SEO landscape in order to rank well.

How can I improve existing content without removing it?

If an old piece of content is no longer getting traffic, you don’t necessarily have to remove it from your site completely. There are a number of ways you can “upcycle” your existing content to help it rank again. Updated keyword research is just one way to gain a better understanding of what keywords your content piece was ranking for. Using this insight, you can then conduct further research into the new keywords that your old content piece can begin to rank for, carefully inserting them into the existing content.

Other ways to improve your old content

Improving your old content can feel like a minefield. After all, you’re likely to have several pieces you need to compare and improve. Fortunately, you can take a couple of quick wins away from this blog, and Absolute’s complete guide to what you should do with old content that’s not getting traffic. Within it, you’ll find more information on how you can update your existing content including how to:

  • A/B test.
  • Conduct keyword research.
  • Analyse the backlinks.
  • Refer to the comments.
  • Compare your content against the competition.
  • Identify your evergreen score.

Read it, here.

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