Forget About Conversion Rates, It's all About Growth

by Jessica Ramesh

Paul Rouke, Founder & Director of Optimisation at PRWD discusses key issues in optimisation 

With substantial budgets going to acquisition, digital marketers are neglecting a vital part of their marketing strategy. While the cost of activities like PPC climb, with increasing online competition most brands hit a ceiling as they max out spend and start to get diminishing returns. So where do you turn to continue growing?

Onsite optimisation can deliver the best return on investment of any marketing activity. Yet some marketers continue focusing on pushing more customers to their site, neglecting those already there. Savvy marketers have realised the benefit of improving their onsite experience to increase return on investment and reduce acquisition costs, as well as improving profitability, increasing market share and customer satisfaction.

So why is CRO still in its infancy? With 80 per cent of companies believing their customer experience is superior but only eight per cent of customers feeling the same, some marketers appear to be sticking their heads in the sand. Common misconceptions around CRO are also hindering progress. Lots of brands claim to do CRO (many simply have a testing tool in place), but for those businesses leading the way, doing optimisation properly is generating transformational business results.

In my presentation I’ll reveal the crucial elements you need to get the 541 per cent ROI we deliver on average during an optimisation programme. I’ll cover some of the pitfalls when starting out, such as using the wrong metrics to measure success. Join me to learn how you can generate some of the best results you’re likely to see from your marketing spend.