Five of Our Favourite Online Campaigns So Far in 2016

by Figaro Digital

We may only be in September, but we have already witnessed some highly-effective online ad campaigns. From promoted hashtags to branded videos and from celebrity-endorsed social posts to live streaming, take a look at five of our favourites below:

1. Always #LIKEAGIRL

Have you ever said in jest “you run like a girl” or “you throw like a girl”? Well, #LIKEAGIRL is a long running campaign from feminine hygiene product manufacturer, Always, that asks the question what does it mean to do things like a girl?

This year it has upped its campaign by focusing on key elements such as ‘unstoppable #LIKEAGIRL’ and ‘Keep Playing #LIKEAGIRL’. The campaign uses original online video ads as a targeted alternative to the traditional television ad, and aims to boost confidence and encourage girls to play sport


The brand has even began targeting young, pubescent girls who are going through bodily changes by launching an emoji campaign. Young women were interviewed for an online video and asked how they felt about the emoji set. Here’s what they said:

The campaign has been a huge success with many of its YouTube videos racking up millions of views. One-month old post titled ‘Keep Playing’ has already surpassed 27million views!

2. Beats by Dre #BeatsUnity

Beats by Dre is known for its high-quality photography across all of its social campaigns, but the brand’s most recent campaign #BeatsUnity, which is inspired by the Rio Olympics, has particularly caught our eye.

beats unity

For a limited time only, a special edition range of studio wireless headphones will be available to purchase, each with a country-specific graphic on one side. The other side of each head set will be black – a unifying piece throughout all the designs. Hence #BeatsUnity.

At the beginning of August, Beats by Dre’s Instagram began promoting the range in line with the launch of this year’s Rio Olympic Games and each image post has now averaged around 20,000 likes. The same month, a custom Beats Unity Snapchat lens was launched, which allows users to virtually try on a pair of headphones of their choice.

Embracing our differences to inspire a nation of millions. 🇨🇦 #BeatsUnity

A photo posted by Beats By Dre (@beatsbydre) on


3. Paramount Pictures #BlueSteelSelfie

Way Back in February 2016, the much anticipated movie Zoolander No. 2 was released to hilarious rapture around the world. But two weeks before its release, Paramount Pictures began a social media campaign to drum up interest among potential cinema-goers.


Simple, yet effective, the company asked followers to take and share a selfie of themselves recreating Derek Zoolander’s famous ‘blue steel’ pose. Undoubtedly, this had thousands of selfie-lovers grabbing for their phone and raising awareness of the premier.

It even got some of Liberty’s staff posing.

blue steel selfie

4. L’Oréal Paris #WorthSaying

During the January 2016 Golden Globe ceremony L’Oréal Paris launched its #WorthSaying campaign which inspired women, not only to talk about make-up, but anything they wanted to share. Why? Well, because you’re worth it… and where else is better associated with beauty than one of the world’s most glamorous award shows?

The timing for this social campaign was brilliant, especially due to its use of many celebrity spokeswomen who have tens of millions of followers.


5. Buzzfeed – Tasty

Buzzfeed is known for its social domination and success targeting teens and millennials, but ‘Tasty’ has to be one of its most successful yet. Facebook is littered with these food-focused video shorts that teach you how to replicate the food for yourself.

The most recent post, a recipe for a chocolate pretzel pie, was posted just an hour before writing this and it already has more than 1.5million views.

A great example of how to utilise Facebook’s native video capabilities, we’re sure this campaign will only go from strength to strength.

And The Best Online Campaign of 2016 is…

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