Financial Services: Digital Marketing Spotlight Roundup 20 February 2020

by Eleanor Pyne Figaro Digital

Yesterday (20 Feb 2020), Figaro Digital were joined at h Club in Covent Garden by digital marketers and brands from the financial services sector. It was an informative morning of presentations, round table discussions, networking and, most importantly, incredible sandwiches. Industry experts shared their experience and insights, covering the latest trends in financial services. Here are the key takeaways from the day.

Engaging, Effective Video Marketing Strategies

Kassie Siwo-Gasa, Head of Digital Marketing at Legal & General Investment Management kicked off the day with a talk on some of the experiences of how they’ve been successful in their video marketing strategy despite working in a heavily regulated environment. She explains how to make video a key part of marketing activity, and how to do it successfully in the financial services sector. Kassie also discusses how to expand your reach with video within the marketing funnel across various journeys, and how to measure impact.

View Kassie’s presentation here.

How to Be Creative in a Regulated World

Every piece of marketing that J.P. Morgan puts out has to have a disclaimer that confirms the viewer is not a retail client. Legal and compliance has to go through every single word in every single marketing campaign video that they put out. Jasmine Ferreira, Heads of Markets Marketing in the firm, explains how it’s possible to be creative in this environment, and why “herding cats” has become a skill of hers, as well as managing different opinions. She shares some lessons learned by her global marketing team.

View Jasmine’s presentation here.

Three Mistakes Most Financial Services Firms Make with Their Website

With many clients in the financial services sector, Codehouse has found that the more digital interactions a website has, the better the customer satisfaction. In this talk, Digital Strategy and UX Consultant Shaun Miller talks through three opportunities financial services businesses can embrace to improve their websites.

View Shaun’s presentation here.

From Challenger Bank to Mainstream: How Metro Bank Broke Down the Traditional Wall

One of the biggest challenges faced by the financial services sector at the moment is legacy systems and higher customer expectations. In general, Millennials can recognise when technology is built badly and with new tools, technologies, and developments making it easier for a different type of person to enter the market, how do traditional banks keep up? Joey Moore, Director of Product Marketing at Episerver, explains that how we do business today probably won’t be the same in five or 10 years’ time and what organisations need to do to change and adapt their business models to suit this. He uses the example of Metro Bank to explain how they’ve exploited the gap in the market between traditional banks and new upstarts to deliver a solid customer experience.

View Joey’s presentation here.

AI and Behavioural Economics: A New Paradigm for Marketing

Using brief, personalised examples, Richard Robinson, Chief Commercial Officer at DPL, talks about bringing AI and behavioural economics together in the realm of marketing. He explains how data-driven marketing layered with understanding a customer’s behavioural characteristics on an individual level can be beneficial to financial services businesses.

View Richard’s presentation here.

Five Points to Publishing High Performing Content in Financial Services

Scott Jones, Founder and Managing Director at Illustrate Digital goes through five points to creating high performing content, including tips on content flow, tools and integrations, and quality.

View Scott’s presentation here.

How to Avoid Making Financial Services Videos That Don’t Work

Alex Jupp, Executive Producer at Hurricane gives a masterclass around video, from big campaigns to internals. He provides three simple tips on customer journey, why emotion is vital, and the duration of videos. He explains how you can make sure your video cuts through the noise, and why planning is essential.

View Alex’s presentation here.